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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Moneo serve?
(a) The Bene Gesserit.
(b) The Master Architect.
(c) The Master Worm of All.
(d) The Worm Who is God.

2. What is the purpose of Onn?
(a) To house the city's treasures.
(b) To allow public viewing of the God Emperor.
(c) To shelter the poorest of society.
(d) To provide education for the emperor's family.

3. When the Imperial Guard picks up Idaho from the featureless room in Onn, where are they taking Idaho?
(a) The desert.
(b) The Mausoleum.
(c) The Citadel.
(d) The jailhouse.

4. Who is Nayla?
(a) Leto's most useful assistant.
(b) Leto's mistress.
(c) A Museum Fremen.
(d) The new Ixian ambassador.

5. What does Noree confirm about Leto when they meet in his residence?
(a) Leto loathes original thinking.
(b) Leto to maintain the status quo.
(c) Leto wants newness and originality.
(d) Leto dislikes creativity.

6. When Nayla writes directly to Leto predicting violence, who does Nayla name as the ringleader?
(a) Muad'Dib.
(b) Moneo.
(c) Siona.
(d) Idaho.

7. During the Great Sharing, where do the elite view the God Emperor from?
(a) Alongside the runway.
(b) A ring of spires.
(c) The balconied apartments.
(d) The outer circle.

8. According to Leto, what is the art of government?
(a) Mastering chaos.
(b) Ruling the masses.
(c) Teaching salvation.
(d) Getting what you want.

9. After the last of the ambushers is dispatched, Idaho reveals his anger to Leto. Why is Idaho upset?
(a) The Fish Speakers won't let Idaho fight.
(b) Idaho is disappointed in his men's skill level.
(c) The Fish Speakers laugh at Idaho's combat tactics.
(d) Idaho is wounded in the fight.

10. What is a Torquemada?
(a) Someone who makes living torches out of opponents.
(b) Someone who displays tremendous moral courage.
(c) Someone who displays tremendous strength.
(d) Someone who makes a living tricking others.

11. Why do the weather controllers try to control the weather?
(a) The Worm loves water.
(b) The Worm hates water.
(c) The Worm hates sunlight.
(d) The Worm loves sunlight.

12. Why does Leto only have female armies?
(a) Because male armies are too dangerous.
(b) Because female officers are easier to control.
(c) Because male officers question orders.
(d) Because female officers are not corruptible.

13. When Leto expresses concern that the new Idaho is subdued four days into his adjustment, what does Moneo give as the reason for Idaho's subdued mood?
(a) Idaho is homesick.
(b) Idaho has been busy nights with the Guard.
(c) Idaho hasn't been able to sleep soundly.
(d) Idaho is lonely.

14. According to Siona, who is good at inspiring new rebel recruits?
(a) Idaho.
(b) Moneo.
(c) Topri.
(d) Leto.

15. What is NOT found in the city of Onn?
(a) Libraries.
(b) Schools.
(c) Science laboratories.
(d) Museum.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Leto and Moneo's procession nears the Idaho River, who is stationed along the river's banks to raise any necessary warnings?

2. When the rebels meet in a storage chamber beneath Onn, how many rebels are present?

3. According to Leto's predictions of the future, who will follow once the deadly sandworms reign again?

4. What does the "Welback Fragment" contain?

5. What does Anteac fear is Idaho's true character?

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