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Rewriting History

Imagine you are Leto and have a history of rewriting historical events in order to support your goals and philosophies. Pick one historical event from United States history and rewrite the event so it supports Leto's goals and philosophies. After rewriting the historical event, explain the reasoning behind changing the event as you did.

Create Arrakis

Based on the descriptions of Arrakis in the novel, describe Arrakis as it exists in your mind. Be sure to include the physical layout of the land, the activities of the people, and the government in power.

Wish You Were Here

Imagine you are Noree, the newly assigned Ixian ambassador. Write a letter to Malky describing what your life is like in the new city, how you are adapting, and what you think of Leto.

The Most Valuable Substance

Melange is considered to be the most valuable substance known to...

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