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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Sergeant Boyle?

2. What piece of literature had Stewart's attorney included in his last letter to him?

3. What does Stewart's attorney tell him about his plan to spend his fortune?

4. How much time has passed since Eliot left Rosewater and the meeting at the fountain?

5. What legal representation does Stewart Buntline have?

Short Essay Questions

1. During his father's visit, Eliot takes a call from someone in the town. What do the two of them discuss while his father is there listening?

2. Stewart Buntline is a multi-millionaire who lives in Pisquontuit with his wife Amanita and daughter Lila. When he was younger, however, he had different plans. What were they, and what happened to them?

3. When Fred comes home, what happens that makes him think of suicide? What keeps him from killing himself?

4. Kilgore Trout puts his "spin" on Eliot's life in Rosewater. How does he explain Eliot's work for the people of Rosewater?

5. How has Eliot prepared for his trip to see Sylvia in Indianapolis? What is his night like before leaving for the trip?

6. When Eliot wakes, where does he find himself? Describe the situation and the reason for his condition. How long has he been "asleep?"

7. What book does Eliot keep hidden in his office, and why does he have such strong feelings about it?

8. Harry Pena and his sons are on a fishing boat which is visible from the dining room of The Weir. What do customers see from the vantage point of their windows? What does Harry do about this situation?

9. While he is at the news store counter having coffee and Danish with the carpenters and plumbers of the town, Fred tells a story that ends with someone saying to him "God bless you, Mr. Rosewater." Why does the person say this?

10. When Fred cannot finish the history of his family, which he has found atop the cupboard in the basement, he prepares to hang himself from a pipe in the basement. What happens to save Fred's life?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The title of the book is God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, or Pearls Before Swine. Discuss these two phrases: how they appear in the novel, what they mean, and why the author chose this title.

Essay Topic 2

After Sylvia leaves, Eliot lives in his office in Rosewater. Describe the office in which Eliot lives. What does he do for a living? What slogan does Eliot have painted on his windows? What does the slogan mean?

Essay Topic 3

McAllister tells Stewart Buntline "giving away a fortune is a futile and destructive thing." Stewart Buntline chooses not to give his fortune away; Eliot Rosewater takes another course. Compare and contrast these two men, their backgrounds and their adult lives.

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