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Short Answer Questions

1. What paper does Fred read surreptitiously with his coffee and Danish?

2. What does Fred tell Caroline after learning about the Rosewater family?

3. What book does Eliot have hidden in his office?

4. From which side of the Rosewater family does Fred come?

5. What is written on the fountain in Dr. Brown's private hospital?

Short Essay Questions

1. Fred and Caroline Rosewater live in Pisquontuit, Rhode Island. Describe the town and the people in it.

2. When Fred cannot finish the history of his family, which he has found atop the cupboard in the basement, he prepares to hang himself from a pipe in the basement. What happens to save Fred's life?

3. While he is looking at the books in the news store with Lila, Fred comes across a book that interests him. What is the book and what is it about?

4. Discuss the interchange between Carolyn and Fred Rosewater at the news store. What do we learn about both characters in the short scene at the newsstand?

5. When Eliot wakes, where does he find himself? Describe the situation and the reason for his condition. How long has he been "asleep?"

6. Describe Caroline Rosewater's luncheon experience at the Weir. How is she treated? How does she feel?

7. Harry Pena and his sons are on a fishing boat which is visible from the dining room of The Weir. What do customers see from the vantage point of their windows? What does Harry do about this situation?

8. Norman Mushari is very concerned about the planned meeting between Sylvia and Eliot before their divorce. Why does he care about them seeing each other? What detail does Musahri's plan rest upon that could be altered by the meeting?

9. In the end, Eliot outsmarts Mushari and others who think he is idealistic and insane. How does he do this?

10. How do the Buntlines have a servant, Selena, living in their home? How does Selena feel about living with the Buntlines?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After Sylvia leaves, Eliot lives in his office in Rosewater. Describe the office in which Eliot lives. What does he do for a living? What slogan does Eliot have painted on his windows? What does the slogan mean?

Essay Topic 2

When Eliot calls Sylvia from Rosewater, Indiana, he tells her he will become an artist. Loving the people of Rosewater will be his art. What does Eliot mean by this? How can loving people be art?

Essay Topic 3

The narrator explains in the opening of the story that one of the main characters in the novel is money. Describe that character and it's function in the story.

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