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Short Answer Questions

1. In his first letter to Sylvia, what does Eliot say he has in common with the person he compares himself to ?

2. During a thunderstorm, who calls and wakes Eliot from his sleep?

3. In the first sixteen years of the Foundation, how much money is spent?

4. When does Eliot Rosewater leave law school and why?

5. For what law firm does Norman Mushari work?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Eliot end up after his roaming around America? What does he tell Sylvia he plans to do there, and how?

2. Eliot lives in his office. Describe the conditions in which Eliot lives. What are his surrounding like? Does he have many visitors? Does he leave the office regularly? What are some of the unusual qualities of the office?

3. What is Eliot's connection with the Rosewater Fire Department? What is his rank within the department and why?

4. While they are talking, Sylvia reveals things about Eliot that the Senator has not known. What is one of the things Sylvia tells him?

5. Who is listening on the other end of the conversation between Eliot and Sylvia? What does the person learn from the conversation to aid in the case to have Eliot declared insane?

6. How do Sylvia and Eliot react to the social set of Avondale? With who do they socialize? What happens because of this association?

7. Even though Eliot continues to exhibit signs of alcoholism, emotional distress, and mental illness neither his wife Sylvia nor his father the Senator do anything to help him. What reasons do each of them have for not acting to help Eliot?

8. Who is Kilgore Trout? What one of his books does Mushari find to read and where?

9. When Eliot finally enters psychoanalysis, what changes does he make? How long is he in treatment? Why does the psychoanalysis end?

10. Eliot writes letters to Sylvia during his travels, one from a fire station in New Vienna, Iowa. What does he explain he has suggested to the fire department in that small town? How do they react? How does Sylvia react after receiving the letter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One theme in literature is the relationship between good and evil and how it affects the characters in the novel. Discuss the powers of good and evil in this novel in both plot and character development.

Essay Topic 2

After Sylvia leaves, Eliot lives in his office in Rosewater. Describe the office in which Eliot lives. What does he do for a living? What slogan does Eliot have painted on his windows? What does the slogan mean?

Essay Topic 3

At lunch at The Weir, Amanita tells Caroline upon giving her a gift "people get what they deserve." Discuss this quote and how it applies to the main characters of the story.

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