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Short Answer Questions

1. What runs through the Parthenon in the middle of the town of Rosewater?

2. Where does Eliot Rosewater attend law school?

3. What meeting does Eliot attend in Milford, Pennsylvania?

4. During a thunderstorm, who calls and wakes Eliot from his sleep?

5. What does Eliot seek out in every town he visits?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Arthur Garvey Ulm? What part does he play in the story of Eliot and Sylvia's life?

2. What does the law firm McAllister, Robjent, Reed, and McGee do for the Rosewater Foundation? What does Mushari learn while rifling through confidential files? What plan does he hatch based on his findings?

3. In Washington, D.C. the Senator, Sylvia, McAllister, and Mushari are meeting to discuss Eliot. What idea do they come up with while discussing the problem of Eliot's behavior and his current situation in Rosewater? How does Sylvia defend Eliot's behavior?

4. What is the tone of the letter written by Eliot to his heir about the family history? How can you tell?

5. Who is Eliot Rosewater? What do we learn about him in the first chapter of the novel?

6. Eliot receives a call from Diana Moon Glampers. Who is this woman? Why does she call Eliot in the middle of the night?

7. In Chapter Three, Eliot begins talking to people in front of a firehouse in Vashti, Texas. What does he identify as the main purpose of the Armed Forces in America?

8. Who is Kilgore Trout? What one of his books does Mushari find to read and where?

9. What is Eliot's connection with the Rosewater Fire Department? What is his rank within the department and why?

10. Mushari finds a sealed letter from Eliot Rosewater to be given to his heir upon Eliot's death. What does Mushari do with the letter? What does he learn about Eliot? What is his next step?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The narrator explains in the opening of the story that one of the main characters in the novel is money. Describe that character and it's function in the story.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Senator Rosewater's speech on the Golden Age of Rome. Why does he make the speech? What is his comparison between America at the time and the period before the Golden Age of Rome? Is this a reasonable comparison? How does he propose to repair American society?

Essay Topic 3

All of the characters in this novel have a relationship with money that helps define them, whether this is having money or wanting money or how they choose to use their money. Chose two characters, and compare and discuss the relationship each has with money.

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