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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Fred is preparing to hang himself in the basement, who arrives to speak with him?
(a) Norman Mushari.
(b) Eliot Rosewater.
(c) Stewart Buntline.
(d) Harry Pena.

2. What can Caroline and Amanita look at through opera glasses while dining?
(a) Small animals walking the piers.
(b) Harry Pena and his sons and their fishing traps.
(c) Lila Buntwater cleaning her boat.
(d) Stewart Buntline sleeping on his yacht.

3. What has Eliot purchased for his trip to Indianapolis?
(a) A new suit, socks, shoes, toothbrush, and Listerine.
(b) A new suit, shirt, tie, socks, underpants, tooth brush, and Lavoris.
(c) A new suit, socks, shirt, and tie.
(d) A new suit, a briefcase, shoes, toothbrush, and Lavoris.

4. What did Fred's father write and leave to him before dying?
(a) A note of apology to the family.
(b) A suicide letter.
(c) A family history.
(d) A will.

5. Who is Charley Warmergram?
(a) Eliot's physician.
(b) The Fire Chief of Rosewater.
(c) A man the Foundation has helped.
(d) The first man to greet Eliot when he moved to town.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fred tell Caroline is above the door of the National Archives in Washington?

2. What is written on the fountain in Dr. Brown's private hospital?

3. What does Eliott hear and feel as he stops at the high school?

4. Who is listening on the other end of the telephone to Sylvia and Eliot's conversation?

5. What is The Click Noyes tells Charley about when Eliot is in the office?

Short Essay Questions

1. Delbert Peach comes to Eliot's office and tells him he is certain Eliot will never return. Why does Mr. Peach think Eliot will not return, and how does Eliot respond?

2. How has Eliot prepared for his trip to see Sylvia in Indianapolis? What is his night like before leaving for the trip?

3. When Norman Mushari has driven around Pisquontuit looking for Fred to no avail, how does he spend the rest of his afternoon?

4. In the end, Eliot outsmarts Mushari and others who think he is idealistic and insane. How does he do this?

5. How do the Buntlines have a servant, Selena, living in their home? How does Selena feel about living with the Buntlines?

6. Who is Fred Rosewater? How is he related to the Rosewater family in Indiana? What does Fred do for a living?

7. When Eliot comes to and leaves for the Kandy Kitchen to catch his bus, what is different about him?

8. Discuss the interchange between Carolyn and Fred Rosewater at the news store. What do we learn about both characters in the short scene at the newsstand?

9. Amid one person after another coming up to him and saying goodbye and good luck, all people he seems not to know, Eliot goes to the magazine rack and chooses something to read on his trip to Indianapolis. What does he choose, and what is it about?

10. While he is at the news store counter having coffee and Danish with the carpenters and plumbers of the town, Fred tells a story that ends with someone saying to him "God bless you, Mr. Rosewater." Why does the person say this?

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