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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Eliot's late night caller complains of what problem?
(a) Aching heart.
(b) Aching kidneys.
(c) Aching stomach.
(d) Aching feet.

2. How tall is Norman Musahri?
(a) Five feet five inches.
(b) Six feet two inches.
(c) Five feet ten inches.
(d) Five feet three inches.

3. What experience in the past does the Senator blame for Eliot's mental instability?
(a) Eliot's lack of structure at school.
(b) Eliot's attachment to the volunteer fire department as a child.
(c) Eliot's attachement to his teachers in grade school.
(d) Eliot's being bullied at a young age.

4. At what age can siblings of the president of the Foundation become officers?
(a) Thirty five.
(b) Fifty.
(c) Eighteen.
(d) Twenty one.

5. When Sylvia and Eliot move to Rosewater, what is to the west of the Parthenon?
(a) The Rosewater Saw Company.
(b) The night crawler stands.
(c) The old railway terminal.
(d) The Rosewater Savings and Loan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are the Rosewater Corporation main offices?

2. What does Senator Rosewater lament when Sylvia arrives in America for the divorce?

3. Who is Arthur Garvey Ulm?

4. When in New Egypt, New Jersey, with whom does Eliot trade his dress suit and for what?

5. Who rented the office space in Rosewater before Eliot did?

Short Essay Questions

1. Mushari finds a sealed letter from Eliot Rosewater to be given to his heir upon Eliot's death. What does Mushari do with the letter? What does he learn about Eliot? What is his next step?

2. Eliot keeps a ledger in his office in which he keeps important information about his work. What does he call his ledger, and what kinds of things are in it? What is an example of something Eliot would have in his ledger?

3. Where is Eliot Rosewater born and raised? Where does he attend school? What degree, and with what specialty, does Eliot obtain after WWII?

4. Eliot receives a call from Diana Moon Glampers. Who is this woman? Why does she call Eliot in the middle of the night?

5. Who is Arthur Garvey Ulm? What part does he play in the story of Eliot and Sylvia's life?

6. What does Eliot's letter to his heir reveal about his parents?

7. In Washington, D.C. the Senator, Sylvia, McAllister, and Mushari are meeting to discuss Eliot. What idea do they come up with while discussing the problem of Eliot's behavior and his current situation in Rosewater? How does Sylvia defend Eliot's behavior?

8. In Chapter Three, Eliot begins talking to people in front of a firehouse in Vashti, Texas. What does he identify as the main purpose of the Armed Forces in America?

9. Eliot lives in his office. Describe the conditions in which Eliot lives. What are his surrounding like? Does he have many visitors? Does he leave the office regularly? What are some of the unusual qualities of the office?

10. Sylvia tells Eliot's father the story of how she and Eliot met. What is the story she tells?

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