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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eliot use as a kitchen in his office in Rosewater?
(a) His bathroom.
(b) His closet.
(c) His back porch.
(d) His bedroom.

2. Who is Arthur Garvey Ulm?
(a) A distant family relative with whome Eliot corresponds.
(b) A soldier Eliot befirends in the Army.
(c) An attorney who is interested in hiring Eliot after the war.
(d) A writer Eliot meets and to whom he gives ten thousand dollars.

3. What does Eliot call Sylvia in his letter to her from Iowa?
(a) "The most beauitiful woman a man could ask for."
(b) "The best wife a man could have."
(c) "The most patient woman in the world."
(d) "The most understanding person in the world."

4. What does McAllister propose as his "rather primitive idea" to Sylvia, Mushari, and the Senator?
(a) Sylvia and Eliot divorce in Mexico.
(b) Sylvia talk Eliot into leaving with her to Paris.
(c) Sylvia and Eliot attempt reconciliation.
(d) SYlvia be given control of the Foundation.

5. What happens at the opening of the opera Aida attended by Eliot and Sylvia?
(a) Eliot cries inconsolably at the end of the opera.
(b) Eliot goes to the restroom and does not return.
(c) Eliot leaps off the balcony into the crowd.
(d) Eliot calls out to the singers in the middle of the opera.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sylvia react to the proposal McAllister makes in the meeting between himself, Sylvia, Mushari, and the Senator?

2. When Eliot receives a call from a man considering suicide, what question does he ask him?

3. Why is Norman Mushari happy to hear Eliot is baptizing babies?

4. What does the black and yellow sticker in the phone booth in Rosewater say?

5. In the first sentence of the novel, what is identified as a leading character in the story?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is listening on the other end of the conversation between Eliot and Sylvia? What does the person learn from the conversation to aid in the case to have Eliot declared insane?

2. Eliot lives in his office. Describe the conditions in which Eliot lives. What are his surrounding like? Does he have many visitors? Does he leave the office regularly? What are some of the unusual qualities of the office?

3. Where is Eliot Rosewater born and raised? Where does he attend school? What degree, and with what specialty, does Eliot obtain after WWII?

4. Eliot receives a call from Diana Moon Glampers. Who is this woman? Why does she call Eliot in the middle of the night?

5. Sylvia tells Eliot's father the story of how she and Eliot met. What is the story she tells?

6. Mushari finds a sealed letter from Eliot Rosewater to be given to his heir upon Eliot's death. What does Mushari do with the letter? What does he learn about Eliot? What is his next step?

7. On the same day of calls from a suicidal man and Stelle Wakeby, Eliot receives a call from his father and does not recognize his father's voice. What are some of the things Senator Rosewater wants to talk to his son about, and how does the conversation end?

8. Eliot writes letters to Sylvia during his travels, one from a fire station in New Vienna, Iowa. What does he explain he has suggested to the fire department in that small town? How do they react? How does Sylvia react after receiving the letter?

9. What does the law firm McAllister, Robjent, Reed, and McGee do for the Rosewater Foundation? What does Mushari learn while rifling through confidential files? What plan does he hatch based on his findings?

10. Who is Arthur Garvey Ulm? What part does he play in the story of Eliot and Sylvia's life?

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