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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a fly hunt?
(a) KIlling flies with rubber bands or glasses.
(b) Catching flies with nets.
(c) Finding flies in winter.
(d) Killing flies with spray cans.

2. What does Eliot do after the war?
(a) He travels around the country with his wife.
(b) He asks his father to manage the Rosewater Foundation.
(c) He finishes law school specializing in international law.
(d) He graduates with a business degree and worked for the Foundation.

3. Who is Norman Mushari?
(a) A shyster lawyer.
(b) A lawyer who is also a distant cousin of the Rosewaters.
(c) A lawyer who is Sylvia's brother.
(d) A patent lawyer for a firm in New York.

4. What does Eliot tell Sylvia about the fire department he has found in Iowa?
(a) They have a dalmation as a mascot.
(b) They put soap in their hoses to get the water through wallboard faster.
(c) They have asked Eliot to become their mascot.
(d) They put soap in their hoses to help wash their trucks.

5. Where is Eliot Rosewater educated?
(a) On the West Coast and in Japan.
(b) In the South and in Europe.
(c) On the East Coast and in Europe.
(d) In Europe and Hawaii.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his first letter to Sylvia, what does Eliot say he has in common with the person he compares himself to ?

2. Who is next in line after Rosewater's son to become president of the Foundation?

3. What does Eliot call Sylvia in his letter to her from Iowa?

4. For what law firm does Norman Mushari work?

5. What does Eliot tell Sylvia will be his "work of art?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What disease does Dr. Brown diagnose Sylvia with having? How does he explain this disease? Is it curable?

2. Who is Kilgore Trout? What one of his books does Mushari find to read and where?

3. What is the tone of the letter written by Eliot to his heir about the family history? How can you tell?

4. How did the people of Avondale greet Sylvia and Eliot when they move to Rosewater? Why do they treat them this way?

5. In Chapter Three, Eliot begins talking to people in front of a firehouse in Vashti, Texas. What does he identify as the main purpose of the Armed Forces in America?

6. When Eliot finally enters psychoanalysis, what changes does he make? How long is he in treatment? Why does the psychoanalysis end?

7. Describe Eliot's office in Rosewater. What unique characteristics does the office have? What services does Eliot provide for the people of Rosewater?

8. How do Sylvia and Eliot react to the social set of Avondale? With who do they socialize? What happens because of this association?

9. In Washington, D.C. the Senator, Sylvia, McAllister, and Mushari are meeting to discuss Eliot. What idea do they come up with while discussing the problem of Eliot's behavior and his current situation in Rosewater? How does Sylvia defend Eliot's behavior?

10. Eliot had an experience in WWII that changed his life forever. What was that experience, and how does it affect his life after he leaves the service?

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