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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where is Eliot's first letter to Sylvia written after he leaves New York?
(a) Elsinore, California.
(b) Houston, Texas.
(c) Indianapolis, Indiana.
(d) Princeton, New Jersey.

2. How tall is Norman Musahri?
(a) Five feet three inches.
(b) Five feet ten inches.
(c) Five feet five inches.
(d) Six feet two inches.

3. According to the Senator, what is the difference between pornography and art?
(a) Bodily hair.
(b) Personal interpretation.
(c) Color photography.
(d) Nothing.

4. What is a fly hunt?
(a) Finding flies in winter.
(b) Killing flies with spray cans.
(c) Catching flies with nets.
(d) KIlling flies with rubber bands or glasses.

5. When Eliot calls Sylvia from Indiana, what does he say is the one remaining independent business in the town?
(a) Roman taffy factory.
(b) Carp bones.
(c) F.W. Woolworth's.
(d) NIght-crawlers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Eliot's psychiatrist tell Sylvia he is resigning from Eliot's case?

2. What happens at the opening of the opera Aida attended by Eliot and Sylvia?

3. What does Eliot tell Sylvia about the fire department he has found in Iowa?

4. What is the Rosewater Law?

5. What does Eliot tell Sylvia will be his "work of art?"

Short Essay Questions

1. While at the science fiction convention in Milford, what does Eliot encourage the writers to write about? How does he explain his idea? What does he do to prove his point?

2. What is Eliot's connection with the Rosewater Fire Department? What is his rank within the department and why?

3. In Chapter Three, Eliot begins talking to people in front of a firehouse in Vashti, Texas. What does he identify as the main purpose of the Armed Forces in America?

4. What is the tone of the letter written by Eliot to his heir about the family history? How can you tell?

5. What does the law firm McAllister, Robjent, Reed, and McGee do for the Rosewater Foundation? What does Mushari learn while rifling through confidential files? What plan does he hatch based on his findings?

6. Eliot lives in his office. Describe the conditions in which Eliot lives. What are his surrounding like? Does he have many visitors? Does he leave the office regularly? What are some of the unusual qualities of the office?

7. Who is Kilgore Trout? What one of his books does Mushari find to read and where?

8. Where does Eliot end up after his roaming around America? What does he tell Sylvia he plans to do there, and how?

9. When he disappears for a week, what does Eliot do? Why does the law firm of McAlister, Robjent, Reed, and McGee hire a detective to find Eliot, and where does he find Eliot?

10. Where is Eliot Rosewater born and raised? Where does he attend school? What degree, and with what specialty, does Eliot obtain after WWII?

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