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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Upon getting home, why does Fred give up his first thought of suicide?
(a) He thinks about the scandal.
(b) He thinks about his son.
(c) He thinks about his wife getting the insurance money.
(d) He thinks about his father.

2. What reading material does Eliot choose for his bus trip to Indianapolis?
(a) Kilgore Trout's This Time It Is over.
(b) Rolling Stone Magazine.
(c) The American Investigator.
(d) Kilgore Trout's Pan-Galactic Three Day Pass.

3. What does Caroline leave out in the house that Fred compares to a pet anteater who sleeps in doorways?
(a) The basket filled with wood.
(b) The filled laundry basket.
(c) The box of Christmas decorations.
(d) The Electolux vaccum cleaner.

4. How much is Fred Rosewater worth dead?
(a) A million dollars.
(b) Fifty thousand dollars.
(c) Two hundred thousand dollars.
(d) Forty-two thousand dollars.

5. Who infuriates Eliot by calling him on the red phone designated for fire emergencies?
(a) Norman Mushari.
(b) Delbert PEach.
(c) Mary Moody.
(d) Stewart Buntline.

6. What does Bunny have to show Aminata when she shows up for lunch?
(a) An intelligence test: two cones with a connecting cord.
(b) An intelligence test: a tin can, topless, covered in wallpaper.
(c) An intelligence test: a ball attached to a paddle with a rubber band.
(d) An intelligence test: a tin can filled with knitting yarn.

7. How does Eliot Rosewater outsmart Norman Mushari in the end?
(a) Eliot writes Fred a check for a million dollars and buys him off.
(b) He gives Fred one hudnred thousand dollars, and declares all children of Rosewater his children.
(c) Eliot write Mushari a check for a million dollars to drop the case.
(d) Eliot declares all children of Rosewater are his own, and pays out child support.

8. What has Eliot purchased for his trip to Indianapolis?
(a) A new suit, socks, shirt, and tie.
(b) A new suit, a briefcase, shoes, toothbrush, and Lavoris.
(c) A new suit, socks, shoes, toothbrush, and Listerine.
(d) A new suit, shirt, tie, socks, underpants, tooth brush, and Lavoris.

9. How does Senator Rosewater arrive at Eliot's apartment?
(a) With Norman Mushari.
(b) In a chauffeur driven car.
(c) He drove himself.
(d) In a cab.

10. What does Caroline Rosewater ask her husband for when while Fred and Harry Pena are talking?
(a) Money for her expensive lunch with her friend.
(b) Money to pay the bills.
(c) Money for a new winter coat.
(d) Money to go to the mall and shop.

11. Who is Charley Warmergram?
(a) The Fire Chief of Rosewater.
(b) Eliot's physician.
(c) A man the Foundation has helped.
(d) The first man to greet Eliot when he moved to town.

12. How much does Bunny say the gift Amanita gives Caroline at lunch cost?
(a) Seventeen dollars.
(b) Thirteen dollars.
(c) One hundred dollars.
(d) Twenty dollars.

13. While the Senator is talking with Eliot in his apartment, what occurs?
(a) Eliot screams at hearing the news and sets off the siren at the fire house.
(b) Eliot asks his father what time it is.
(c) Eliot storms out of the room and runs to the fire station to hide.
(d) The alarm clock goes off at noon and Eliot sounds the noon time siren at the fire house.

14. How many women in Rosewater County claim to have birthed Eliot's child?
(a) Fifty seven.
(b) Sevety seven.
(c) Sixty eight.
(d) One hundred and two.

15. How does Eliot react to the scene in his apartment between himself and his father?
(a) Eliot ties his shoe laces and calls a cab to the airport.
(b) Eliot begins crying and cannot stop.
(c) Eliot suddenly freezes and does not answer his telephone.
(d) Eliot takes another shower and gets ready to leave for Indianapolis.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eliot congratulate Charley on winning that Charley had actually won three years before?

2. What is The Click Noyes tells Charley about when Eliot is in the office?

3. Who approaches Eliot as he boards the bus?

4. Where are Eliot and Sylvia scheduled to meet for their final goodbye?

5. How much time has passed since Eliot left Rosewater and the meeting at the fountain?

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