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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What stipulation of the charter of the Foundation does Mushari take interest in?
(a) Anyone divorcing is immediately expelled.
(b) Anyone caught stealing is immediately expelled.
(c) Anyone declared insane is immediately expelled.
(d) Anyone changing political parties is immediately expelled.

2. What does McAllister propose as his "rather primitive idea" to Sylvia, Mushari, and the Senator?
(a) Sylvia and Eliot attempt reconciliation.
(b) Sylvia talk Eliot into leaving with her to Paris.
(c) Sylvia and Eliot divorce in Mexico.
(d) SYlvia be given control of the Foundation.

3. What does Eliot tell Sylvia will be his "work of art?"
(a) He is going to build an ast museum for the town.
(b) He is going to love the discarded Americans in the town.
(c) He is going to open a food kitchen.
(d) He is going to paint a mural on the bank wall.

4. What experience in the past does the Senator blame for Eliot's mental instability?
(a) Eliot's attachement to his teachers in grade school.
(b) Eliot's being bullied at a young age.
(c) Eliot's attachment to the volunteer fire department as a child.
(d) Eliot's lack of structure at school.

5. Who is Arthur Garvey Ulm?
(a) A distant family relative with whome Eliot corresponds.
(b) A soldier Eliot befirends in the Army.
(c) An attorney who is interested in hiring Eliot after the war.
(d) A writer Eliot meets and to whom he gives ten thousand dollars.

6. What names has Mary Moody chose for her twins?
(a) Foxworth and Melanie.
(b) Franklin and Josephine.
(c) Foxcroft and Melody.
(d) Frederick and Marsha.

7. What is the one rule Eliot knows to tell the newborn babies he is to baptize?
(a) "You've got to be rich."
(b) "You've got to be crafty."
(c) "You've got to be careful."
(d) "You've got to be kind."

8. What does Eliot use as a kitchen in his office in Rosewater?
(a) His closet.
(b) His bathroom.
(c) His bedroom.
(d) His back porch.

9. What role does the corporation perform for the Foundation?
(a) It manages the Foundation Board members.
(b) It manages the capital of the Foundation.
(c) It manages the oversees holdings of the Foundation.
(d) It manages the Foundaiton's gift giving.

10. What does Eliot do with the Foundation's money?
(a) Puts it into building the Golden Gate Bridge.
(b) Puts it into medical research, art, and helping people.
(c) Puts it into stocks and bonds.
(d) Puts it into buildings in New York City.

11. How tall is Norman Musahri?
(a) Six feet two inches.
(b) Five feet three inches.
(c) Five feet ten inches.
(d) Five feet five inches.

12. What does Eliot do after the war?
(a) He travels around the country with his wife.
(b) He asks his father to manage the Rosewater Foundation.
(c) He graduates with a business degree and worked for the Foundation.
(d) He finishes law school specializing in international law.

13. What does Eliot write on the walls of public bathrooms?
(a) "Art is the opium of the masses."
(b) "If at first you don't succeed, give up."
(c) "Be right back- Godot."
(d) "If you would be unloved and forgotten, be reasonable."

14. How does Sylvia react to the proposal McAllister makes in the meeting between himself, Sylvia, Mushari, and the Senator?
(a) She immmediately says no.
(b) She leaves the room and returns to Paris.
(c) She asks for time to think.
(d) She immediately says yes.

15. How does the upper-management community greet Eliot and Sylvia when they move in the old family mansion?
(a) They visit, offer invitations, and call.
(b) They encourage them to move to Avondale.
(c) They shun them.
(d) They try to run them out of town.

Short Answer Questions

1. From where is Eliot's first letter to Sylvia written after he leaves New York?

2. What is the topic of the Senator's speech in the Senate Chamber before his election?

3. When Sylvia asks Eliot where he is calling from, how does he reply?

4. Where do the upper-management employees of the corporation who run the automated saw mill live?

5. Who is referred to as "The Nut," "The Saint," and "The Holy Roller?"

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