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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what law firm does Norman Mushari work?
(a) Meryll, Lynch, Fenner, and Smith.
(b) McAllister, Robjent, Reed, and McGee.
(c) McAllister, Smith, and Wainwright.
(d) Smith, Barney, Cluster.

2. What happens at the opening of the opera Aida attended by Eliot and Sylvia?
(a) Eliot goes to the restroom and does not return.
(b) Eliot leaps off the balcony into the crowd.
(c) Eliot calls out to the singers in the middle of the opera.
(d) Eliot cries inconsolably at the end of the opera.

3. How does Eliot meet Sylvia?
(a) She works for the Rosewater Corporation.
(b) Her father introduces them.
(c) They meet in a bar in Paris.
(d) She works for the Rosewater Foundation.

4. What does Eliot seek out in every town he visits?
(a) The volunteer fire departments.
(b) The railroad stations.
(c) The mayors.
(d) The public libraries.

5. From what law school did Norman Mushari graduate?
(a) Cornell Law School.
(b) Tulane Law School.
(c) Yale Law School.
(d) Harvard Law School.

6. What is in the back of Eliot's ledger?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Love poems.
(c) An address book.
(d) An unfinished novel.

7. What does Eliot use as a kitchen in his office in Rosewater?
(a) His bathroom.
(b) His closet.
(c) His bedroom.
(d) His back porch.

8. Where is Eliot Rosewater born and when?
(a) Rosewater, Illinois, in 1920.
(b) New York City, in 1920.
(c) Rosewater, Indiana, in 1918.
(d) Washington DC, in 1918.

9. What does Eliot tell Sylvia will be his "work of art?"
(a) He is going to open a food kitchen.
(b) He is going to build an ast museum for the town.
(c) He is going to paint a mural on the bank wall.
(d) He is going to love the discarded Americans in the town.

10. Who is Mushari's favorite law professor in school?
(a) Simon Smith.
(b) Leonard Leech.
(c) Leonard Cohen.
(d) Archibald Creech.

11. How does Sylvia react to the proposal McAllister makes in the meeting between himself, Sylvia, Mushari, and the Senator?
(a) She asks for time to think.
(b) She immediately says yes.
(c) She immmediately says no.
(d) She leaves the room and returns to Paris.

12. Where is Eliot Rosewater educated?
(a) In Europe and Hawaii.
(b) In the South and in Europe.
(c) On the East Coast and in Europe.
(d) On the West Coast and in Japan.

13. What happens to Sylvia after five years of living with Eliot in Rosewater?
(a) She becomes pregnant.
(b) She holds parties for the society set in Avondale.
(c) She travels to New York to shop and does not return.
(d) She has a nervous breakdown and burns down the firehouse.

14. Who is referred to as "The Nut," "The Saint," and "The Holy Roller?"
(a) Lister Rosewater.
(b) Leonard Leech.
(c) Eliot Rosewater.
(d) Sybil Rosewater.

15. What role does the corporation perform for the Foundation?
(a) It manages the Foundation Board members.
(b) It manages the capital of the Foundation.
(c) It manages the Foundaiton's gift giving.
(d) It manages the oversees holdings of the Foundation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Eliiot Rosewater meet his wife?

2. What does the coded shorthand AW mean in Eliot's ledger?

3. From where is Eliot's first letter to Sylvia written after he leaves New York?

4. In his first letter to Sylvia, what does Eliot say he has in common with the person he compares himself to ?

5. When in New Egypt, New Jersey, with whom does Eliot trade his dress suit and for what?

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