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Short Answer Questions

1. In what do all things end in The One Certainty?

2. What is the second enemy in The Three Enemies?

3. According to the preacher in The One Certainty, all things are what?

4. To what does the speaker compare her life in the second stanza of A Better Resurrection?

5. Towards the end of the poem, the speaker of No Thank You, John tells John to rise above which of the following?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compose an essay which investigates the Christological allegory presented in Goblin Market. Such an allegory, one which relates in its non-literal signification a well-known story or historical occurrence, will not necessarily have direct correlations between the literal and the non-literal significations, but relate the two by universal types of actions, the exemplar of which being found in the non-literally signified story. What are the universal types by which the story of Christ and Goblin Market are related? In what ways does the story parallel that of Christ, or of salvation history in general? Of what are the various characters and actions in the story symbolic? What impact does Goblin Market have on the reader's perception of the story of Christ?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout a great deal of Rossetti's poetry, there is a connection drawn between life and love, between living and loving. This can be seen in At Home, A Triad, A Birthday, After Death, An End, and many others. Explicate in a thoroughly-developed analytical essay the significance of this connection. In what way are the two states or actions comparable? Why would one be linked with the other? What makes the two similar? How is this demonstrated in the various poems of Christina Rossetti? What does this connection reveal about human nature?

Essay Topic 3

As Rossetti's poems turn more and more to religious devotion, the tone of her poems remains the same, but the content changes. Rather than have her speakers evince a desire for earthly love, they seek out sanctification and spiritual justification. In a rigorously developed and planned analytical essay, examine this transformation in desire. How are the earlier and later poems similar? How are they the same? What unites them? What distinguishes them? How are the later poems in some way a fulfillment of the earlier? What do the two sorts of desires reveal about human nature? What does the transformation in poetry reveal about human nature?

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