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Short Answer Questions

1. According to the preacher in The One Certainty, all things are what?

2. What can the bowl in the third stanza of A Better Resurrection literally not hold?

3. What does the speaker implore Jesus to do for her in the first stanza of A Better Resurrection?

4. Of what is the monster in The World devoid?

5. Instead of that for which she would have to wait, the speaker says in the first stanza of Another Spring that she would at once have her chill-veined what?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Perhaps the dominant theme in all of the poems in the collection is the temporality of earthly happiness. Compose an analytical essay which, in perusing the entirety of the collection, designates a comprehensive portrayal of earthly happiness. In what poems is there a commentary upon happiness? How is happiness portrayed in each individual poem? What is demonstrated by the poems individually? What is demonstrated by the poems overall? Against what is the temporality of earthly happiness contrasted? What do these presentations reveal about human nature?

Essay Topic 2

A consistent theme in Rossetti's poems is the significance of Spring. Write an analytical essay which discusses the various significations which Spring has throughout her poetry. What imagery is associated with Spring? What does this imagery signify? What emotions are attached to the arrival of Spring? How does the season of Spring correlate to the human condition? In what ways does the internal disposition of a human person cohere with or reject the seasonal activity of Spring? What does this reveal about human nature, particularly human emotions and desires?

Essay Topic 3

Many of Rossetti's poems provide commentary on the uncertainty and the possibilities of life after death. Perusing the collection, compose an analytical essay which looks at the portrayals of life after death in-depth. In what ways is the uncertainty of life after death portrayed? Does it seem certain that there is life after death? What would indicate that there is? What would indicate that there is not? What do the poems indicate about speculating on life-after-death's existence? What do the poems seem to argue should be the disposition of someone towards life after death?

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