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Short Answer Questions

1. In Goblin Market, what is the name of Laura's sister?

2. To what is Maude Clare compared in the first stanza of Maude Clare?

3. When was the deceased of An End born?

4. How many eyes ought the peacocks have in A Birthday?

5. What is the last word of Spring?

Short Essay Questions

1. What revenge is given to the poem's speaker in Cousin Kate?

2. What fills the poem's speaker with sadness in At Home?

3. What does the speaker in Remember exhort the auditor to do in the first eight lines?

4. What might be the reason for John's unwarranted affection towards the poem's speaker in No Thank You, John?

5. How does the "she" change from day to night in The World?

6. For what reason does the speaker ostensibly envy the rose and bird in A Summer Wish?

7. What is a possible interpretation of the last line of the first stanza in the first poem entitled Song, "Grown old before my time"?

8. How is it that life comes out of the depths of winter according to Rossetti's Spring?

9. Why, of all the women in A Triad, do none achieve life?

10. What is "the one certainty," as proposed in the poem of the same name?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout a great deal of Rossetti's poetry, there is a connection drawn between life and love, between living and loving. This can be seen in At Home, A Triad, A Birthday, After Death, An End, and many others. Explicate in a thoroughly-developed analytical essay the significance of this connection. In what way are the two states or actions comparable? Why would one be linked with the other? What makes the two similar? How is this demonstrated in the various poems of Christina Rossetti? What does this connection reveal about human nature?

Essay Topic 2

A common narrative motif throughout this collection of poetry is the allegorical story. The two most eminent allegories in the story are An Apple Gathering and Goblin Market, but there are other stories which carry elements of allegory, such as Up-Hill or any of the poems involving Spring. Compose on analytical essay on the motif of allegory using the poems of Christina Rossetti to explicate. What defines allegory? How do the allegorical poems of Christina Rossetti differ from her non-allegorical poems? How does allegory achieve its non-literal signification? What are some specific examples, from Rossetti's poems, of allegory's means to achieving its non-literal signification?

Essay Topic 3

A consistent theme in Rossetti's poems is the significance of Spring. Write an analytical essay which discusses the various significations which Spring has throughout her poetry. What imagery is associated with Spring? What does this imagery signify? What emotions are attached to the arrival of Spring? How does the season of Spring correlate to the human condition? In what ways does the internal disposition of a human person cohere with or reject the seasonal activity of Spring? What does this reveal about human nature, particularly human emotions and desires?

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