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Short Answer Questions

1. What color blossoms does the poem's speaker pick from her apple tree in An Apple Gathering?

2. What is a halcyon sea as used in A Birthday?

3. What sprouts in the lane in Spring?

4. To what is Maude Clare compared in the first stanza of Maude Clare?

5. In what line does the poem turn from an exposition to a resolution in Remember?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Thomas loathe to have married Nell in Maude Clare?

2. Why is the poem's speaker permanently separated from her once lover in An Apple Gathering?

3. What is the meaning of the word "deprecate" as used in the context of A Bruised Reed Shall He Not Break?

4. What is "the one certainty," as proposed in the poem of the same name?

5. What revenge is given to the poem's speaker in Cousin Kate?

6. What does the speaker in Remember exhort the auditor to do in the first eight lines?

7. What is ironic and somewhat paradoxical about the new-life brought on by Spring in the poem of the same name?

8. What is a possible interpretation of the meaning of the last four lines of Dream Land?

9. Why might the man in After Death pity the poem's speaker now that she is dead?

10. How does Maude Clare, in the poem of the same name confront the newly-wedded couple?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A constant theme in Rossetti's poetry is the struggle of a speaker against despair. Compose an analytical essay which examines this theme overall. How is it portrayed in individual poems? How is it portrayed overall? What shapes does the struggle take? What prompts the feelings of despair? In what ways, if any, is the despair overcome? With what does the speaker struggle against despair; in other words, how does she try to conquer it? Give specific examples.

Essay Topic 2

Many of the poems in this collection are in the traditional Italian sonnet form. This includes A Triad, Remember, After Death, The One Certainty, and The World. Using either a few, or all, of these sonnets, compose an analytical essay which demonstrates how the Italian sonnet form conveys its significance through exposition in the octave and explication or resolution in the sestet. How do the two parts interact with one another? What does the commentary or resolution in the sestet achieve? What opportunities of conveying significance does the form of the sonnet allow? What is the significance of some of the sonnets in the collection?

Essay Topic 3

Compose an analytical essay on the theme revealed in the last poem of the collection, The World, namely that of struggling with the World's two-faced transformation, its false beauty and true ugliness. How is this theme portrayed throughout Rossetti's poems? In which poems does the World appear seductively beautiful? In which poems is its hideousness revealed? What does this help the reader to see about the World in which he lives? What do the poems overall seem to suggest as a contrary way of living? What other beauties can and should a person pursue? How should one react to both faces of the World?

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