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Short Answer Questions

1. Who accompanies Gertrude and helps her with her large load of apples in An Apple Gathering?

2. Of what are the souls of the dream in the second stanza of Echo "brimful"?

3. Where does the great lord first see cousin Kate in the poem of the same name?

4. In At Home, of what was the speaker in comparison to the conversation of those yet living?

5. When was the deceased of An End born?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the attitude of the first speaker in A Bruised Reed Shall He Not Break to his auditor?

2. For what reason does the speaker ostensibly envy the rose and bird in A Summer Wish?

3. For what reason does the poem's speaker feel the need to seek repentance in The Convent Threshold?

4. What is a possible interpretation of the last line of the first stanza in the first poem entitled Song, "Grown old before my time"?

5. What is a possible interpretation of the meaning of the last four lines of Dream Land?

6. Why is the speaker unable to cast off her expectations in A Pause of Thought?

7. How does the "she" change from day to night in The World?

8. Why does Maude betray her sister in Sister Maude?

9. What characterizes the poem's speaker's commands to the rose and the bird in the first two stanzas of A Summer Wish?

10. Who is the "she" of The World, and what indicates this interpretation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Oftentimes the exact meaning of a poem can be difficult to discern by simply reading what is present on the page; the literal text demands that the reader make an inference based on what is written, without explicitly making it clear. This is perhaps most evident in The One Certainty, but can also be seen in Sweet Death, Dream Land and many others. Using examples from Rossetti's poetry, write an analytical essay on the process of valid inference of meaning from a poem in which the literal meaning obscures the deeper significance. What are some examples of this inference? How is this inference made? What validates such inference? What are the difficulties of making such an inference? How should such an inference be portrayed?

Essay Topic 2

As the second longest poem in the collection, The Convent Threshold provides an interesting and extended commentary on sin and redemption. Compose an analytical essay which examines the poem's portrayal of these two themes. How does the poem portray sin? How does the poem portray redemption? How does the poem's speaker perceive the world? How does this perception contrast with the perspective of her beloved? What is the significance of the speaker's dreams? What sort of love does the speaker choose, and what sort of love does she reject? What is the significance of the title to the overall meaning of the poem?

Essay Topic 3

A conventional poetic motif is introduced, but also partially inferred, in Rossetti's Another Spring, which operates primarily on the "If, then; but, therefore" structure. In this poem, the "if, then" half of the structure is explicitly stated, and the reader is supposed to infer the "but, therefore" half. Compose an essay which thoroughly analyzes this sort of poetic presentation, but the overall impact of the "If, then; but, therefore" structure and the immediate impact of the inference insisted upon by Another Spring. What purpose does the particular structure serve? How does this motif help to indicate truth? What purpose is served by the contrast? What purpose is served by having the reader supply half of the contrast himself? What does the poem signify overall? How is this signification accomplished?

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