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Objective: Of all Christina Rossetti's poems, none is better known than Goblin Market. The poem focuses around the effects of acquiescing to temptation and the restorative power of sacrifice and love. Additionally, there is a strong tie to the theme of resurrection, a theme which is shared with Dream Land. The objective of this lesson is to primarily examine the Christological allegory in Goblin Market and corroborate the theme of resurrection in Dream Land.

1) Class Discussion: What is the evident meaning of Rossetti's Goblin Market? What parts of the text support this sort of interpretation? Can this interpretation be supported by the whole of the narrative? What is to be made of Lizzie's sacrificial act in seeking out the goblin men? What is significant about her seeking them out but never accepting the temptations of their fruits? What is significant about Lizzie commanding her sister to eat...

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