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Goblin Market | Dream Land

• Goblin Market is a long narrative poem which explores the topics of temptation, sin, and redemptive sacrifice. It is deeply allegorical.

• Dream Land is a poem of four eight-line stanzas which comments upon the eternal rest of death.

At Home | A Triad

• At Home portrays the theme of not having love in life as comparable to death by a postmortem reflection on being forgotten.

• A Triad briefly tells the story of three women who fail to find love in life and thus fail to live.

Cousin Kate

• Cousin Kate tells the story of a young cottage maiden who is betrayed by her lover and cousin, who marry one another after the speaker has her former lover's child.


• Spring is a poem which examines the cyclical nature of the seasons and the recurrence of death, towards which all living things hasten.

A Birthday

• A...

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