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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Stofsky reads some of his poetry which was inspired by _________________________.
(a) the beauty of nature.
(b) his first love.
(c) his quest for justice.
(d) a man who kicked his girlfriend to death.

2. Why does Kathryn not want to go to David's party?
(a) She has to get up early the next day.
(b) She has to finish a report for work.
(c) She has nothing to wear.
(d) She is not interested in anyone who will be there.

3. Why does Kathryn especially hate her job?
(a) Her boss yells at her.
(b) She doesn't make much money.
(c) She is underutilized.
(d) The commute is too long.

4. Gene tactfully does not mention Paul's _____________________.
(a) weight gain.
(b) financial situation.
(c) hair loss.
(d) supposed plan to go to Mexico.

5. Gene becomes deeply involved with whom?
(a) Ava.
(b) Suzanne.
(c) Christine.
(d) Kathryn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is interested in the woman in #22 at the party?

2. What nationality is Kathryn?

3. Stofsky often feels unloved and freakish due to ______________________.

4. Where did Paul grow up?

5. Who is Stofsky's therapist?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Christine and why is she in contrast to the other characters?

2. How are Paul and Kathryn at odds regarding their different emotional needs?

3. What is the real reason for Paul's irritation toward Pasternak, who is sleeping late in Paul's apartment?

4. Why is Pasternak standing in front of Christine's house when Stofsky and Hobbes try to find him in the bars?

5. How does the frantic behavior of the characters undermine their relationships with each other?

6. Why do the characters at the party revel in the excitement of it?

7. Describe the scene where Stofsky goes to see Waters in his flat and is picked up by the asylum attendants.

8. What does the aimless behavior of the characters signify in the book?

9. What does Paul's letter to someone named Liza signify for the plot?

10. What do Paul and Kathryn realize about their marriage and their life as they recover from the party the next day?

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