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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Paul kiss at the party?
(a) Kathryn.
(b) Ava.
(c) Cynthia.
(d) Estelle.

2. Who is Stofsky's therapist?
(a) Dr. Yohannes.
(b) Dr. Milan.
(c) Dr. Groby.
(d) Dr. Krafft.

3. Stofsky begins to wonder if God could be __________________.
(a) himself.
(b) insane.
(c) the devil.
(d) nonexistent.

4. Why does Kathryn especially hate her job?
(a) The commute is too long.
(b) Her boss yells at her.
(c) She is underutilized.
(d) She doesn't make much money.

5. What does Stofsky do when the people in #52 arrive?
(a) Hides in the closet.
(b) Lets them search the apartment.
(c) Pays them.
(d) Promises to turn down the stereo.

6. Stofsky reads some of his poetry which was inspired by _________________________.
(a) a man who kicked his girlfriend to death.
(b) the beauty of nature.
(c) his first love.
(d) his quest for justice.

7. Why is Kathryn irritated at Paul when she returns home from work?
(a) Paul is napping.
(b) Paul is not home.
(c) Paul hasn't washed the breakfast dishes.
(d) Paul and his friends are drinking beer.

8. What is Paul and Kathryn's favorite restaurant?
(a) The Athens.
(b) Meridien.
(c) Olive Garden.
(d) Villa Blanca.

9. What does Paul give to Gene one night when they are at a bar?
(a) His manuscript.
(b) The bar tab.
(c) A coat.
(d) His apartment key.

10. Both Paul and Gene have written __________________.
(a) short stories.
(b) Letters to the Editor.
(c) a thesis.
(d) novels.

11. What lie does Paul tell Gene in order to get him to come out for a drink?
(a) He is going to Mexico in the morning.
(b) Kathryn has left him.
(c) His manuscript was rejected.
(d) His father just died.

12. Stofsky quotes a poem written by ________________.
(a) Emily Dickinson.
(b) Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
(c) e.e. cummings.
(d) William Blake.

13. Stofsky often feels unloved and freakish due to ______________________.
(a) his mother's commitment to an insane asylum.
(b) his continual rejection by women.
(c) his inability to get published.
(d) his lack of true friends.

14. What advice did Arthur give Gene about his novel?
(a) He should abandon it.
(b) He should make a couple of edits.
(c) He should send it to the publisher.
(d) He should cut out part of it.

15. Who does Paul fall in love with when he returns to Columbia after his military discharge?
(a) Ava.
(b) Marie.
(c) Liza.
(d) Jenny.

Short Answer Questions

1. Waters raves that time is a/an __________________.

2. Why is Stofsky disenchanted with his therapist lately?

3. The woman mentioned in #68 is described as __________________.

4. Which girl does Gene take away from the party?

5. What is David organizing?

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