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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stofsky do when the people in #52 arrive?
(a) Hides in the closet.
(b) Pays them.
(c) Lets them search the apartment.
(d) Promises to turn down the stereo.

2. How had Stofsky's father reacted when Stofsky told him he was a homosexual?
(a) He was enraged.
(b) He had no reaction.
(c) He was sad.
(d) He was accepting.

3. After Gene and Christine leave the bar, Paul and Kathryn discuss ________________________.
(a) how they would feel if one of them had an affair.
(b) holiday plans.
(c) Paul's manuscript.
(d) their finances.

4. Paul tells Kathryn that it is _________________ for her to be attracted to someone else.
(a) natural.
(b) hurtful.
(c) a sin.
(d) alright.

5. What is Bill's last name?
(a) Watson.
(b) Miller.
(c) Kerrigan.
(d) Agatson.

6. The reversal of traditional roles in a marriage is _________________ for Paul and Kathryn.
(a) fantastic.
(b) working.
(c) disastrous.
(d) stressful.

7. When Paul cannot concentrate on his book, he goes out because he is ______________.
(a) restless.
(b) lacking inspiration.
(c) angry.
(d) sad.

8. What is Daniel's last name?
(a) Mercer.
(b) Clayton.
(c) Verger.
(d) Voiles.

9. Kathryn is _________________ older than Paul.
(a) one year.
(b) eighteen months.
(c) two years.
(d) six months.

10. When Stofsky goes to see Waters, Waters desperately wants ________________.
(a) food.
(b) beer.
(c) money.
(d) marijuana.

11. To whose apartment does Paul go to later that night?
(a) Gene's.
(b) Christine's.
(c) Jack's.
(d) Agatson's.

12. Stofsky often feels unloved and freakish due to ______________________.
(a) his continual rejection by women.
(b) his inability to get published.
(c) his mother's commitment to an insane asylum.
(d) his lack of true friends.

13. Why is Gene mad at the girl in #26?
(a) She spilled red wine on the carpet.
(b) She didn't split cab fare.
(c) She won't sleep with him.
(d) She paid for dinner.

14. Stofsky quotes a poem written by ________________.
(a) Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
(b) e.e. cummings.
(c) Emily Dickinson.
(d) William Blake.

15. Who is interested in the woman in #22 at the party?
(a) Mike.
(b) David.
(c) Gene.
(d) Paul.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kathryn later tell Paul when she calls him from work?

2. David says that Gene's monster is ________________.

3. Which of the following does NOT describe the people at Stofsky's party?

4. Each of the characters is searching for?

5. What is Paul's last name?

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