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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is trying to kick a morphine habit?
(a) Winnie.
(b) Sara.
(c) Jake.
(d) Melanie.

2. Who is Bianca?
(a) Paul's sister-in-law.
(b) Christine's friend.
(c) Kathryn's sister.
(d) Gene's landlord.

3. What announcement does Stofsky make to Paul one day?
(a) He got a new job.
(b) He is getting married.
(c) He is going to Europe.
(d) He has quit therapy.

4. Stofsky quotes a poem written by ________________.
(a) William Blake.
(b) Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
(c) Emily Dickinson.
(d) e.e. cummings.

5. After Gene and Christine leave the bar, Paul and Kathryn discuss ________________________.
(a) holiday plans.
(b) Paul's manuscript.
(c) how they would feel if one of them had an affair.
(d) their finances.

6. What does Waters do to Stofsky's wristwatch?
(a) Steals it.
(b) Sells it.
(c) Smashes it.
(d) Throws it in the commode.

7. Why is Paul annoyed with Gene at the beginning of the novel?
(a) Gene leaves his clothes all over the apartment.
(b) Gene has not made coffee.
(c) Gene has make a big mess in the kitchen.
(d) Gene is sleeping late.

8. Which girl does Gene take away from the party?
(a) Georgia.
(b) Bonnie.
(c) Karen.
(d) Lauren.

9. Both Paul and Gene have written __________________.
(a) short stories.
(b) a thesis.
(c) novels.
(d) Letters to the Editor.

10. What is Daniel's last name?
(a) Clayton.
(b) Verger.
(c) Mercer.
(d) Voiles.

11. When Paul cannot concentrate on his book, he goes out because he is ______________.
(a) restless.
(b) lacking inspiration.
(c) angry.
(d) sad.

12. What does Paul give to Gene one night when they are at a bar?
(a) His apartment key.
(b) His manuscript.
(c) A coat.
(d) The bar tab.

13. What is the topic of an argument between Paul and Kathryn?
(a) When they will move from Manhattan.
(b) When they can get a bigger apartment.
(c) Why he drinks so much during the day.
(d) When she can quit her job.

14. Who is interested in the woman in #22 at the party?
(a) Paul.
(b) David.
(c) Gene.
(d) Mike.

15. What does Verger bring to Paul and Kathryn's party?
(a) Chips and dip.
(b) Marijuana.
(c) Cocaine.
(d) Wine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Gene mad at the girl in #26?

2. What is the setting of GO?

3. What is David organizing?

4. How had Stofsky's father reacted when Stofsky told him he was a homosexual?

5. What university did Paul attend?

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