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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Go, Part 3, Hell, Chapters 1-3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the person in #175 die in the subway?
(a) He fell down the steps of the subway station.
(b) He tried to climb out a window while the train was moving.
(c) He fell onto the tracks in front of an oncoming train.
(d) He was stabbed.

2. What literary device does the author use when describing the sight of the big man beating up the little man over a woman outside a bar?
(a) Allegory.
(b) Simile.
(c) Metaphor.
(d) Symbolism.

3. Kathryn is _________________ older than Paul.
(a) eighteen months.
(b) one year.
(c) six months.
(d) two years.

4. Who was a close drinking buddy of the man in #175?
(a) Trimble.
(b) Ayers.
(c) Mack.
(d) Jackson.

5. What advice did Arthur give Gene about his novel?
(a) He should cut out part of it.
(b) He should send it to the publisher.
(c) He should abandon it.
(d) He should make a couple of edits.

Short Answer Questions

1. Paul says that _______________ is about feeling so deeply that you go beyond it, to the end of feeling, and to a loss of interest in everything.

2. Which of the following has NOT been arrested as declared by Verger?

3. Albert tells Stofsky that Stofky's _______________ drives him to interfere in the lives of others.

4. Paul tells Kathryn that it is _________________ for her to be attracted to someone else.

5. What does Stofsky notice about Albert when he comes to his apartment?

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