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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Go, Part 2, Children in the Markets, Chapters 1-3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Paul and Kathryn's favorite restaurant?
(a) Olive Garden.
(b) Meridien.
(c) Villa Blanca.
(d) The Athens.

2. What does Gene spend his time doing now?
(a) Sleeping all the time.
(b) Learning to speak French.
(c) Writing.
(d) Standing across from Christine's house.

3. Stofsky reads some of his poetry which was inspired by _________________________.
(a) his quest for justice.
(b) a man who kicked his girlfriend to death.
(c) his first love.
(d) the beauty of nature.

4. While reading poetry, Stofsky wonders if he is having a wonderful experience or ___________________.
(a) going crazy.
(b) is unconscious.
(c) is drunk.
(d) is tripping.

5. What branch of the service did Paul serve in during World War II?
(a) Army.
(b) Air Force.
(c) Navy.
(d) Marines.

Short Answer Questions

1. The reversal of traditional roles in a marriage is _________________ for Paul and Kathryn.

2. Why is Stofsky disenchanted with his therapist lately?

3. In what state does Hart Kennedy live?

4. What is David's last name?

5. Gene tactfully does not mention Paul's _____________________.

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