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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 14 and 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What literary device does the author use when describing the sight of the big man beating up the little man over a woman outside a bar?
(a) Metaphor.
(b) Allegory.
(c) Simile.
(d) Symbolism.

2. Why is Stofsky disenchanted with his therapist lately?
(a) His therapist is not sexually interested in him.
(b) His therapist seems very distracted lately.
(c) His therapist has raised his rates.
(d) His therapist is not available when he needs him.

3. Which of the following has NOT been arrested as declared by Verger?
(a) Kathryn.
(b) Verger.
(c) Winnie.
(d) Little Rock.

4. People at Verger's party refer to marijuana as ______________.
(a) green.
(b) tea.
(c) bricks.
(d) happy.

5. To whose apartment does Paul go to later that night?
(a) Agatson's.
(b) Jack's.
(c) Gene's.
(d) Christine's.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the dismal bar, a man plays songs on a/an _________________.

2. Who does Paul call to go out for the evening?

3. Stofsky's party is full of ____________________.

4. Where is Kathryn going for the weekend?

5. Where does Dinah work in Chapter 10?

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