Go: A Novel Character Descriptions

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Paul Hobbes

He is the protagonist, and is also a thinly veiled portrayal of the novel's author, John Clellon Holmes.

Kathryn Hobbes

A woman of twenty-eight, about three years her husband's elder, she is from a working class family and feels a little intimidated by the well-educated young people among whom she and her husband circulate.

Gene Pasternak

The best friend of Paul Hobbes in the book; he is a fictional version of the real-life novelist, Jack Kerouac.

David Stofsky

He is a poet, and a fictional version of a young Allen Ginsberg, who later became one of America's most famous poets.

Hart Kennedy

A restless young man with leadership qualities and an insatiable love of life, he is admired and beloved, even though he often steals to support himself.

Bill Agatson

A drunken nihilist who insults and degrades everyone around him; he ends up accidentally killing himself...

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