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Go, Part 1,The Days of Visitation, Chapters 1 and 2

• As the novel opens, Paul Hobbes, a young man living in New York City, is writing a letter to someone while also being annoyed at his friend, Gene Pasternak, who is sleeping in at the Hobbes' apartment.

• Pasternak has written a manuscript of a novel and Hobbes is struggling with his own novel.

• Hobbes has a wife, Kathryn, who is at work at a public relations agency, a job she hates but it supports the couple.

• Pasternak awakens and talks with Hobbes about a party to be hosted by their friend, David Stofsky.
• Stofsky arrives and mentions other mutual friends who will be at the party--Bill Agatson, Albert Ancke, Daniel Verger and a girl named Winnie.

• Stofsky admits to telling his therapist, Dr. Krafft, that he has sexual feelings for him and Dr. Krafft replied that Stofsky is not taking...

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