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This symbolic object appears in the narrative through a sermon alluding to Isaiah 21:6.


This is the event held by Aunt Alexandra for Jean Louise Finch when she returns home.

"The Black Plague"

This is the title of a pamphlet that Jean Louise discovers among her father's reading material.

The Maycomb County Citizens' Council

This is a group of men who are considered community leaders who are gathered to work on the racial issues of the community.

The Methodist Church

This is the religious facility that Jean Louise attends with her family.


This condition affects Atticus Finch in Go Set a Watchman.

Commencement Dance

Jean Louise recalls attending this event when she was fourteen years old.

Water Tower

This setting is where Jean Louise plans to commit suicide when she fears she is pregnant at a young age.

Finch Landing

This setting is where Jean Louise...

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