Go Set a Watchman Character Descriptions

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Jean Louise Finch

This protagonist of Go Set a Watchman is in her twenties, lives in New York, and was raised in Maycomb, Alabama.

Dr. John Hale Finch

This character is a physician and an avid student of literature. He is devoted to his family but often has convoluted ideas that are difficult for friends and family to follow.

Henry "Hank" Clinton

This character was forced to work from an early age to support himself. He asks the protagonist to marry him but is ultimately rejected.

Atticus Finch

This character is an attorney and is seventy-two years old at the time of this story.

Alexandra Finch Hancock

This character is the epitome of a proper, Southern lady. She wears a corset every day, and her Sunday corset is even tighter and more proper than her everyday one.


This character worked as a servant in the protagonist's household when...

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