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Beatrice Sparks
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Short Answer Questions

1. What about the family atmosphere makes Anonymous happy in Part 4?

2. What do Bill and the narrator do shortly after she resolves not to use drugs?

3. What can the reader infer from the narrator's vocabulary and style of writing?

4. What do Chris and Anonymous dream of doing at the beginning of Part 4?

5. Why was it easy for Sheila and and boyfriend to take advantage of Chris and Anonymous at the party?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the narrator stop spending time with Beth, and what does she do as a result?

2. Describe Chris and Anonymous's contrasting experiences with jobs after they arrive in San Francisco.

3. What does the narrator start to have visions of in Part 3, and why are these visions significant?

4. At the beginning of Part 3, what makes the narrator resolve to stop taking drugs?

5. Briefly describe the evolution of Anonymous and Richie's relationship in Part 3.

6. How do Anonymous's behavior and dress start to change in Part 3 and what does this signify?

7. Why do you think Chris and Anonymous don't share the real reasons that they ran away to San Francisco?

8. Why does Anonymous begin to regret sleeping with Bill?

9. What is the significance of Anonymous's relationship with Mr. Mellani?

10. What Christmas carol lyric does Anonymous relate to at the end of Part 4, and why is this important?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does the point-of-view influence the story? How would the story be different if it were written as a third-person narrative?

Essay Topic 2

The editor of Go Ask Alice is named Beatrice Sparks. Using at least 3 reliable sources, describe her life and her role in preparing Go Ask Alice. There should be some focus on why she is a controversial figure.

Essay Topic 3

Do you think that the narrator's overdose was accidental or intentional? Does the overall message of the story change depending on whether or not she committed suicide? If so, how? If not, why?

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