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Beatrice Sparks
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After she starts taking sleeping pills, what type of recurring vision does the narrator have?
(a) Having her diary stolen.
(b) A ghost.
(c) Being eaten by worms.
(d) Falling off of a cliff.

2. What is one conflict that Anonymous has with her mother?
(a) Her mother doesn't want her to lose too much weight.
(b) Her mother won't let her go out with Roger.
(c) Her mother found her diary and got angry.
(d) Her mother won't let her have a pet.

3. What does the narrator consider doing in Part 1 in order to lose weight?
(a) Trying out for the swim team.
(b) Throwing up after she eats.
(c) Throwing her food away while her parents aren't looking.
(d) Trying out for the track team.

4. What valuable skill did Chris learn from Sheila?
(a) Carpentry.
(b) Marketing.
(c) Horticulture.
(d) Knowledge of jewelry.

5. How could Tim and Alexandria's first experiences at their new school be described?
(a) Negative; they don't like their teachers.
(b) Negative; they don't make any friends.
(c) Positive; their classes are easy.
(d) Positive; they make friends easily.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the narrator live in Part 1?

2. What about the family atmosphere makes Anonymous happy in Part 4?

3. At the end of Part 1, the narrator's mood could best be described as:

4. Why does the main character relate to Beth?

5. Near what college do Chris and Anonymous open their shop?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Anonymous's behavior and dress start to change in Part 3 and what does this signify?

2. Describe the narrator's relationship with her mother at the beginning of the story.

3. Why does Anonymous decide to move to San Francisco with Chris?

4. What purpose do the descriptions of Tim and Alexandria's experiences at school serve?

5. How does the narrator feel about moving to a new place?

6. Why doesn't the main character talk to her friends or her mother about her insecurities?

7. Why is the narrator upset at the end of Part 1?

8. Briefly describe the evolution of Anonymous and Richie's relationship in Part 3.

9. What Christmas carol lyric does Anonymous relate to at the end of Part 4, and why is this important?

10. Compare and contrast how the narrator feels about each of her parents during Part 2.

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