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Beatrice Sparks
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator's mother do to annoy her in Part 2?
(a) Nags the narrator about not doing her homework.
(b) Nags the narrator about her room being dirty.
(c) Nags the narrator about her looks and attitude.
(d) She has become too strict.

2. The main character is fascinated by Beth's religious views on:
(a) Sex.
(b) Free speech.
(c) Marriage.
(d) Dietary restrictions.

3. Where does Beth have to go for the summer?
(a) College.
(b) To visit her father.
(c) Summer camp.
(d) Vacation.

4. Why do the main character's parents start to lecture her in Part 3?
(a) She stops going to church.
(b) She's acting and dressing "like a hippie."
(c) She never cleans up after herself.
(d) She never pays attention to her siblings.

5. Why are Chris and Anonymous troubled by the students who frequent their shop?
(a) The students steal from them.
(b) The students do drugs in their shop.
(c) The students complain about their prices.
(d) The students seem to lack direction.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the main character somewhat excited about moving?

2. Who is Mr. Mellani?

3. Where does the narrator live in Part 1?

4. Why does the main character relate to Beth?

5. Where does Anonymous find her second job in Part 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. Contrast the two friends that the narrator makes at school, in terms of why she relates to each of them.

2. What happens to excite the narrator during her stay at her grandparents', and why is she so thrilled about it?

3. Why does the narrator stop spending time with Beth, and what does she do as a result?

4. Why does Anonymous begin to regret sleeping with Bill?

5. What happens at the party in Part 2, and what effect does this have on the narrator?

6. What Christmas carol lyric does Anonymous relate to at the end of Part 4, and why is this important?

7. Why do you think Chris and Anonymous don't share the real reasons that they ran away to San Francisco?

8. What is the significance of Anonymous's relationship with Mr. Mellani?

9. Why doesn't the main character talk to her friends or her mother about her insecurities?

10. Why is the narrator upset about both her and Beth's summer arrangements?

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