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Beatrice Sparks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What warning does Anonymous have for both of her siblings near the end of Part 6?
(a) Not to do drugs.
(b) To always be honest with their parents.
(c) Not to leave the house after dark.
(d) To be careful of strangers.

2. What does Anonymous tell her brother at the beginning of Part 6?
(a) To come to a party with her and get high.
(b) To cut school.
(c) That she wants to open a boutique with him.
(d) To avoid drugs.

3. What does Anonymous decide she's going to do after she graduates from high school?
(a) Become a counselor for young people.
(b) Backpack across Europe.
(c) Open a shelter for young people addicted to drugs.
(d) Become a teacher.

4. Where does Anonymous begin to study to try to improve her grades?
(a) The library around the corner.
(b) A local cafe.
(c) Chris's house.
(d) The university library.

5. What did the narrator do when she hallucinated while babysitting?
(a) She attacked the child she was babysitting.
(b) She mutilated herself.
(c) She attacked the parents for whom she was working.
(d) She ran screaming down the street.

6. Why does Anonymous say that she is thankful for her diary?
(a) She can pass it on to her children someday.
(b) It has always been there for her.
(c) It allowed her to hide her thoughts from her family.
(d) It has made her writing better.

7. What conflict does Anonymous struggle with just before school starts in Part 8?
(a) Whether she should tell Fawn about her past.
(b) Whether she should start using again.
(c) What she should wear on the first day.
(d) Whether her parents really love her.

8. Where is Joel's father?
(a) He lives with Joel.
(b) He died when Joel was very young.
(c) He lives in the Bahamas.
(d) He lives in the next town over.

9. Why does Anonymous decide not to start a new diary?
(a) She thinks she should confide in real friends now.
(b) She can't afford one.
(c) She doesn't feel like writing anymore.
(d) She's afraid her parents will find it.

10. What is significant about Anonymous's diaries entries starting in the middle of Part 5?
(a) She starts a new diary.
(b) There aren't any entries for three months.
(c) They are written on scraps of paper, and have no dates.
(d) She starts to write in code.

11. How do Anonymous's parents react when they hear from her?
(a) They disown her and tell her never to come back.
(b) They tell her they love her and want her to come home.
(c) They call the police and have her arrested.
(d) They tell that they aren't ready to take her back yet.

12. How do Anonymous's parents react when she tells them about what's been happening at school?
(a) They don't take her seriously.
(b) They call Jan's parents.
(c) They call the police.
(d) They arrange for her to go to a different school.

13. When Tom tells Anonymous about his own drug use in the past, what does she notice?
(a) That he is leaving out some important details.
(b) That he seems to have trouble speaking.
(c) That he seems to be lying.
(d) That he still seems enthralled by them.

14. How does Joel react when Anonymous tells him about her history and her concerns about the drug crowd?
(a) He says that she is strong enough to handle it.
(b) He asks if she wants him to beat up Jan.
(c) He tells her to run away again.
(d) He says that she should tell the principal.

15. Where does Anonymous go shopping in Part 8?
(a) Philadelphia.
(b) Albany.
(c) New York City.
(d) Buffalo.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Joel?

2. What news does Anonymous get from her piano teacher?

3. What does Lane do to Anonymous?

4. Who committed Anonymous to the hospital?

5. What does Anonymous's father warn her about regarding Joel?

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