Objects & Places from Go Ask Alice

Beatrice Sparks
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The Diary

The Narrator calls this object "her one consistent best friend."

The Lockbox

Anonymous purchases this book after she begins to use drugs, and it represents her secrecy and shame.

The First House

This is where the Narrator lived until her mid-teens, and where she felt safe and secure.

The Second House

Anonymous feels a new appreciation for this object and considers is a sanctuary after she returns from running away.

The Grandparents' House

This represents a sanctuary where Anonymous can receive unconditional love.

San Francisco

This represents a place of freedom and rebellion to Anonymous and Chris.

The Boutique

This seems to bring hope, freedom, success, and independence for Anonymous and Chris until it becomes a hangout for teenage drop-outs.


This is a source of emotional torture and extreme conflict for Anonymous, where is she is pressured both to be a "good girl" by some...

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