Daily Lessons for Teaching Go Ask Alice

Beatrice Sparks
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Lesson 1 (from Part 1)


The novel is written in diary-entry format, and it would be beneficial for the students to understand the advantages and drawbacks of this style.

Objective: The students will understand the advantages and disadvantages of writing in the the "diary-entry" format.



1) Small group activity: Make a Venn diagram, and in the outer section, list the potential advantages and disadvantages of a story written in a diary-entry format. In the middle section, write a neutral description of that format. This will help the students to understand the format of the story that they are about to read, and they will benefit by keeping the advantages and disadvantages of the style in mind while reading the story.

2) Writing Assignment: Personalize the front of a journal, which the students will keep over the following weeks, with symbols that represent their interests and personalities. It may be beneficial to...

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