Go Ask Alice Character Descriptions

Beatrice Sparks
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The Narrator (Anonymous)

This character's low-self esteem leads to a life of drug use and loneliness.


This character is loved and admired at some points in the story, and reviled in others.


This character is loving, but distant because of a demanding work schedule.

Tim and Alexandria

These are young characters who excel at school.

Gramps and Gran

These characters provide a sanctuary of unconditional love in the story.


This character is the first love interest mentioned in the story.


This character is Jewish, timid and intelligent.


This character hosts the party where the guests play a dangerous "game."


This character works at a boutique when first introduced.


This character owns an expensive shop and hosts drug parties with rich and sophisticated guests.


This character is a compassionate and extremely bright university student.

Jan and Lane

These characters pressure others...

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