Go Ask Alice Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Beatrice Sparks
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Part 1

• The unnamed female narrator writes in her first diary entry that she has been rejected by Roger, a boy that she has a crush on.

• Anonymous's mood changes wildly as she describes her reaction to Roger's rejection.

• She expresses insecurities about her body and sexuality, and catalogs the many ways she has tried to lose weight.

• She seethes about the conflict she has with her mother about under-eating.

• Paradoxically, she describes a joyous Christmas and speaks with glowing affection about her mother.
• The narrator's family must move to a new town because her father has accepted a better job.

• She is both excited and terrified at the possibility of starting over in a new town.

Part 2

• The narrator and her family move into their new house, and the narrator has trouble adjusting at home and at school.

• Her relationship with her parents deteriorates as she sees less...

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