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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Valentinus described the Mother as the Grace, the Silence, the _________ and the Mother of All.
(a) Air.
(b) Womb.
(c) Chalice.
(d) Dress.

2. What happened to some of the papyri when it was taken home by Muhammed, though he did not understand their value?
(a) Given as gifts.
(b) Used as kindling.
(c) Lost.
(d) Stolen.

3. The resurrection was useful ____________, which is why it became such an important part of religious dogma.
(a) Spiritually.
(b) Financially.
(c) Politically.
(d) Biblically.

4. Clement of Alexandria talks of a __________ gnosis which was promoted by the Valentianians.
(a) Trinity.
(b) Polytheistic.
(c) Monadic.
(d) Dualistic.

5. What does Jesus eat before the eyes of his disciples after he has risen from the death, according to some accounts?
(a) Goat meat.
(b) Rice.
(c) Broiled fish.
(d) A loaf of bread.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did one of the most important archaeological events take place in 1945 according to the book?

2. It is the mixing of the _________________ with normal humanity that engenders the interpretation of the birth of Jesus.

3. In the Apocryphon of John, the ____________ was the Holy Spirit as a part of the Holy Trinity.

4. Where did members of the Egyptian government eventually spot the papyri that Muhammed had given away?

5. How many leather bound papyri were in the jar when Muhammed finally broke it open with his knife?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was the conversion of a Christian women mentioned in a letter that Justin sent to Emperor Antonius Pius?

2. What was the primary goal of the Valentianians in the way they lived and followed their beliefs?

3. What is the Christian creed some believe was created in order to exclude Marcion?

4. What did Iranaeus think about the idea of monotheism of the Valentinians and its place in the faith?

5. Why were many of the papyri scrolls suddenly found on the black market after their initial discovery?

6. What made the idea of there only being a strict and narrow path to God so attractive to the orthodox?

7. What did a letter attributed to the Bishop of Rome around 90 to 100 AD create in official language for the first time?

8. What does the idea of the laughing of Jesus during his torture and flogging seem to imply to those who read it?

9. What does Jesus challenge his apostles to do in order to see that he has indeed resurrected?

10. Describe the idea of the social reality in which those who practice orthodox faith live.

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