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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. There are some descriptions of the resurrection that could raise some questions about the _____________ of the event.
(a) Timeline.
(b) Movement.
(c) Truth.
(d) Physicality.

2. To Iranaeus, the monotheism of the Valentianians was a kind of ________, a hoax that would allow them to participate in the orthodox church.
(a) Horror.
(b) Veil.
(c) Hammer.
(d) Sin.

3. Tertullian wrote: "...this flesh, suffused with blood, built up with bones, interwoven with nerves.....was born and dies, undoubtedly _________."
(a) Godlike.
(b) Spirit.
(c) Human.
(d) Immortal.

4. In Christianity, Judaism and in Islam, God is the king, lord, master, judge, and ____________.
(a) Soldier.
(b) Father.
(c) Ruler.
(d) Pope.

5. Pagels points out that the ___________ may be the key building block of orthodox Christianity.
(a) Creation myth.
(b) Fall of Eden.
(c) Temptation of Christ.
(d) Resurrection.

Short Answer Questions

1. The difference between Plato's doctrine of the soul's ______________ and the resurrection was that resurrection was real flesh reborn.

2. Where did members of the Egyptian government eventually spot the papyri that Muhammed had given away?

3. Two separate versions of Paul's experience in Damascus have spectators hearing the voice, but only one account includes the _________.

4. What did Muhammed finally decide was worth breaking open the jar that he and his brothers found?

5. When Jesus appears to Mary, what does he tell her not to do, which causes some to question his appearance?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pagels want to express in terms of relationship to the Gnostic gospels?

2. What are some of the roles that a masculine God might have in the prayers of Christians, Jews, and Muslims?

3. What made Christianity an easy reach for the masses, while also consolidating power in the Church?

4. How did Marcus the Magician relate to the idea of a feminine God or God-figure?

5. What kind of criteria would the Gnostics give as being the true definition of a Christian?

6. What is the Christian creed some believe was created in order to exclude Marcion?

7. Why does Pagels suggest that perhaps there was a social aspect to the way the Church wanted to function?

8. What is the tradition that developed, though not completely logical and contradicted by two other gospels?

9. How do the Gnostic texts portray the God that is present in the story of Adam and Eve in the tale of creation?

10. What did Tertullian find so horrible about those who claimed the secret gnosis?

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