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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Conclusion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. __________ united Gnostic brethren together and that brotherhood was paramount, not the obedience to any clergy.
(a) Jesus.
(b) The Bible.
(c) God's laws.
(d) Gnosis.

2. Ultimately, what happened to Justin who writes the letters which attempt to protect those in the Christian faith?
(a) He is made a cardinal.
(b) He is made pope.
(c) He is exiled from the country.
(d) He is put to death.

3. A letter to the Bishop of Rome stated the difference between ________ and priesthood, defining the reality of the Roman church.
(a) Satan worship.
(b) Laity.
(c) Monotheism.
(d) Gnosticism.

4. The ___________ of the original Greek gospels by various scholars enhanced the controversy around them.
(a) Ink.
(b) Quality.
(c) Papyrus.
(d) Dating.

5. Authoritative Teaching rails against external acts of worship as making so-called Christians worse than the __________.
(a) Bishop.
(b) Pope.
(c) Pagans.
(d) Devil.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tertullian claimed that Valentinus' theology was driven by __________, according to the research that Pagels did.

2. Sophia further assists Adam and Eve when she saves their descendants during the time of ____________.

3. Gnostic teachers debated whether or not the Dyad was an actual unified __________, with a male/female structure.

4. What did Muhammed finally decide was worth breaking open the jar that he and his brothers found?

5. Both the Gnostics and the orthodox, according to Blake, see Jesus as a false __________ in the history of man.

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