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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the Commander react to the arrest?
(a) He is relieved.
(b) He is distressed.
(c) He is furious.
(d) He is surprised.

2. Why does David tell Eve he left the scene?
(a) He was guilty.
(b) He didn't see anything.
(c) He was afraid.
(d) He didn't know the victim.

3. What did C.J. do when the weather girl at one of his stations got all of the fan mail?
(a) Killed her.
(b) Quit and called her unprofessional.
(c) Killed her dog.
(d) Broke into her home and destroyed it.

4. What is covering the victim's face when Eve arrives?
(a) Hood.
(b) Newspaper.
(c) Umbrella.
(d) Picture of Eve.

5. Why is C.J. furious with Eve?
(a) She talks to Nadine and not him.
(b) She thinks he committed the crime.
(c) She interrupted his airtime.
(d) She is always in his way.

6. What does Eve threaten to do at David's house when he doesn't answer?
(a) To look for him somewhere else.
(b) To get some sleep.
(c) To get more help to find him.
(d) To get a warrant.

7. How does Roarke react to Marco's statements to Eve about being a media whore?
(a) He tries to get Marco to understand Eve's point of view.
(b) He supports Marco.
(c) He is furious.
(d) He calms Marco down.

8. What does Larinda want in exchange for information about C.J.?
(a) Details about Lousie.
(b) Private interview.
(c) Invitation to Roarke's party.
(d) Money.

9. What does Dr. Mira believe David would do if he were in trouble?
(a) Turn to his family.
(b) Run away from the trouble.
(c) Hide behind a shield of some sort.
(d) Lash out viciously.

10. Who is waiting for Eve in her office when she arrives at her office?
(a) Feeney.
(b) Commander.
(c) Dr. Mira.
(d) Mirina.

11. Why does Eve decide to attend Roarke's party?
(a) To relax for a minute or two.
(b) To apologize to Marco.
(c) To provoke C.J.
(d) Because the chief and commander will be there.

12. How does Eve feel about Chief Tibble?
(a) Unsure of her feelings.
(b) Pride and reassurance.
(c) Determined and hopeful.
(d) Respect and fear.

13. What clue makes Eve believe C.J. is the killer?
(a) He was always first at the scene.
(b) He knew about the missing umbrella.
(c) He confessed to Eve via a video tape.
(d) He said the eyes were open, but they were closed.

14. What does Eve think about Marco's confession?
(a) She thinks he is telling the truth.
(b) She thinks he is losing his mind.
(c) She thinks he is lying.
(d) She thinks they are both covering for someone else.

15. What does C.J. say keeps him awake at night?
(a) Louise's eyes.
(b) Thoughts of his new promotion.
(c) Finding the killer before Eve.
(d) Eve's attitude.

Short Answer Questions

1. After interviewing Mrs. Whitney, who does Eve have Feeney try to track down?

2. What clue does the junkie share with Eve?

3. Why can't Feeney find any clues in Yvonne's diary?

4. Why does the Commander order Eve to sit?

5. How does Eve feel when she is told there is a new female victim?

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