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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did David know Yvonne?
(a) He was in negotiations with her about a movie.
(b) They were romantically involved.
(c) They were opening a business together.
(d) He was her illegitmate son.

2. Why doesn't Eve continue searching C.J.'s apartment?
(a) She has to fill in the commander.
(b) She needs to find Nadine.
(c) She has to find C.J.
(d) She has to go to Roarke's party.

3. Why does Eve finally decide to arrest David?
(a) He has refused to answer any questions.
(b) He has no alibi for Yvonne's murder.
(c) He confessed to Louise's crime.
(d) He is a danger to himself.

4. Who arrives at the security gate just before Louise is murdered?
(a) David.
(b) Mirnia.
(c) George.
(d) Mrs. Whitney.

5. Who comes into Eve's office just as she is sitting down?
(a) Mirina.
(b) Mrs. Whitney.
(c) C.J.
(d) Nadine.

6. Why can't Feeney find any clues in Yvonne's diary?
(a) He isn't able to find the rest of the diary.
(b) He couldn't break her security code.
(c) She used a code only she understood.
(d) He didn't know the people she referred to.

7. Why is Linda with Mrs. Whitney when she is interviewed by Eve?
(a) She is there because the Eve requested it.
(b) She is completing a sketch.
(c) She is her attorney.
(d) She is there to represent David's interests.

8. Why does Eve get even more worried about Nadine after talking to Louise's parents?
(a) Nadine cannot be found anywhere.
(b) Nadine told Louise's parents she knows who the killer is.
(c) Nadine never called Louise's parents.
(d) Nadine didn't attend Louise's service.

9. What does Eve threaten the manager with if he doesn't stop the broadcast?
(a) Being arrested.
(b) Having his station black listed by the police department.
(c) Destroying his equipment.
(d) Having the FCC investigate them closely.

10. In what way is Mirina different?
(a) She is threatening and abusive.
(b) She is dressing totally differently.
(c) She no longer seems weak.
(d) She is asking for illegal help from the Commander.

11. How does David try to get Eve to drop her questioning?
(a) Tears.
(b) Threats.
(c) Confession.
(d) Bribery.

12. Who does C.J. blame for Louise's death?
(a) Eve.
(b) David.
(c) Nadine.
(d) Yvonne.

13. Who does Eve order Feeney to run a check on?
(a) Nadine.
(b) Peabody.
(c) Louise.
(d) C.J.

14. Why does Eve request Peabody to back her up at C.J.'s apartment?
(a) Feeney is too busy.
(b) She thinks Peabody is somehow involved in covering for C.J.
(c) She knows Peabody wants to be a detective and this will help her.
(d) She needs someone unbiased.

15. How does Roarke react to Marco's statements to Eve about being a media whore?
(a) He is furious.
(b) He tries to get Marco to understand Eve's point of view.
(c) He calms Marco down.
(d) He supports Marco.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does C.J. say keeps him awake at night?

2. Why is C.J. furious with Eve?

3. Why does the Commander order Eve to sit?

4. What does David's legal team tell Eve?

5. What clue makes Eve believe C.J. is the killer?

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