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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Eve feel when she is told there is a new female victim?
(a) Disgusted.
(b) Surprised.
(c) Guilty.
(d) Angry.

2. Who contacts Eve during the party?
(a) C.J.
(b) Nadine.
(c) Commander.
(d) David.

3. Why is Linda with Mrs. Whitney when she is interviewed by Eve?
(a) She is there to represent David's interests.
(b) She is there because the Eve requested it.
(c) She is completing a sketch.
(d) She is her attorney.

4. What evidence did Peabody find first in C.J.'s apartment?
(a) Diary.
(b) Nadine's raincoat.
(c) Knife.
(d) Purple umbrella.

5. Who comes into Eve's office just as she is sitting down?
(a) Mrs. Whitney.
(b) Mirina.
(c) C.J.
(d) Nadine.

6. Why does Eve think this victim is Nadine?
(a) She recognizes the raincoat as being Nadine's.
(b) She is outside Channel 75.
(c) She knows she set up Nadine for this to happen.
(d) She sees the long blonde hair.

7. In what way is Mirina different?
(a) She is asking for illegal help from the Commander.
(b) She is threatening and abusive.
(c) She is dressing totally differently.
(d) She no longer seems weak.

8. Who helps Nadine prepare the interview of Eve for the air?
(a) Randall.
(b) Feeney.
(c) C.J.
(d) Lousie.

9. What is covering the victim's face when Eve arrives?
(a) Hood.
(b) Umbrella.
(c) Newspaper.
(d) Picture of Eve.

10. What does David's legal team tell Eve?
(a) He wants to cooperate.
(b) He will file charges against her for abuse.
(c) He won't be answering any questions.
(d) He needs protections.

11. Who tackles C.J. as he wrestles with Eve?
(a) Peabody.
(b) Nadine.
(c) Feeney.
(d) Roarke.

12. Who found Louise's body?
(a) C.J.
(b) Bongo.
(c) Security guard.
(d) Nadine.

13. What is Eve accused of by one of the Angelina family members?
(a) Inappropriate targeting.
(b) Ignoring evidence.
(c) Harrassing the family.
(d) Male hating.

14. Why does Eve finally decide to arrest David?
(a) He confessed to Louise's crime.
(b) He is a danger to himself.
(c) He has no alibi for Yvonne's murder.
(d) He has refused to answer any questions.

15. Why does the Commander order Eve to sit?
(a) She is near exhaustion.
(b) He wants to yell at her some more.
(c) He has information he needs to share with her.
(d) He knows he was wrong.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Eve turn to after she learns that the knife doesn't match?

2. Why does Feeney interrupt Eve's session with Dr. Mira?

3. Who gives Eve information about David's whereabouts?

4. What does Dr. Mira tell Eve when she asks what she thinks about a woman who can't sleep without a specific man?

5. What clue makes Eve believe C.J. is the killer?

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