Glory in Death Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where is Prosecuting Attorney Towers' body discovered and what appears to have happened to her?

Prosecuting Attorney Towers' body is discovered lying in the rain in one of the city's seediest neighborhoods, with her throat viciously slashed.

2. What is Eve shocked to realize about PA Towers?

Eve is shocked to realize that even though she worked with PA Towers frequently, she knew nothing at all of the woman she was.

3. What happens when Eve is summoned to her Commander's office?

Summoning Eve to his office, the Commander tells Eve that although he and the victim were personal friends, she is not to give this case any special treatment, and to follow procedure, not worrying about stepping on toes.

4. What does C.J. Morse hint at when he calls Eve about the murder?

C.J. Morse, the smarmy reporter, drops hints that Eve's billionaire boyfriend, Roarke, may be linked to the crime through business dealings with the victim's ex-husband, and current companion.

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