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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Roarke define his relationship with Yvonne?
(a) Intimate friendship.
(b) Passing acquaintances.
(c) Business partners.
(d) Past lovers.

2. What does Roarke tell Eve in regard to their relationship as he leaves?
(a) That she must come to him.
(b) That he will wait for her forever.
(c) That he is afraid their relationship is over.
(d) That he will never understand her.

3. What does Eve do after she sees C.J.'s news report the day after the murder?
(a) She sits down and develops a plan.
(b) She calls the commander immediately.
(c) She charges out of the door.
(d) She goes to Roarke for comfort.

4. Where does Eve go after the service?
(a) Cop central.
(b) Commander's house.
(c) Her own apartment.
(d) Roarke's home.

5. What do David and Randall share?
(a) A secret relationship.
(b) They gamble together.
(c) They share ownership in the business.
(d) A love for Mirina.

Short Answer Questions

1. What accusation does C.J. make about Roarke?

2. What does the color purple typically represent symbolically?

3. How does Eve treat Mirina?

4. What does Eve think it seems like when she finally sees Roarke?

5. How does Eve feel about people with money?

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