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New York City

This is where the murders take place.


This is a subdivision of one of Roarke's companies.

Channel 75

This is the news station where Nadine Furst, Louise Kirski and C.J. Morse were employed.

Penal Station Omega

This is a prison where Nadine Furst is doing a story when she is first contacted by Eve.


This is the restaurant where Cicely Towers and George Hammett dined on the night of her death.

The Five Moons

This is a dive bar where Crack saw Cicely Towers on the night of her murder.

Purple Umbrella

Eve learns that Cicely was carrying this on the night of her death.

Cop Central

This is where Eve works.

The Blue Squirrel

This is a seedy bar where Eve's best friend, Mavis Freestone, is a singer.


This is a key piece of evidence, missing from the body of Yvonne...

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