Glory in Death Character Descriptions

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Lieutenant Eve Dallas

This is a jaded police detective.


The victim of an abusive alcoholic father, this character grew up in poverty on the streets of Dublin, and used whatever means necessary to escape that life. He is the owner of many lucrative, if not questionable, businesses

C.J. Morse

This character is a seedy reporter that will go to any means to get a story, even committing murder.

Cicely Towers

This character is a prominent Prosecuting Attorney that is dedicated to her job and the victims of crime.

Commander Whitney

This character is an experienced cop who has seen it all, he is very by-the-book, even allowing himself and his family to be interviewed in the case.

Nadine Furst

This character is the top reporter at Channel 75.


This is a smart, tough guy Irish cop who is incredibly loyal, and a family man.

Mavis Freestone

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