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Heather Anastasiu
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Short Answer Questions

1. When Kaden storms off alone in the end of Chapter 24, Abby asks Memphis if he’s going off with whom?

2. Abby finally admits to Kaden why she decided to stay with the colony in Chapter 23. Who does Abby say made her stay?

3. How has Abby’s Complement been injured when she appears in Chapter 27?

4. When Abby returns from the time warp in Chapter 29, what is on her cardigan?

5. Memphis tells Abby in Chapter 29 that he has a map of Brighton and how many guys that will go with them in order to fulfill Abby’s mission?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Abby’s encounter with the zombies described in Chapter 22?

2. Where does Abby go when she “escapes” from the colony in Chapter 22?

3. What message does Abby receive from her Complement in Chapter 27?

4. Where does Abby encounter Memphis in the beginning of Chapter 29? What does she tell him?

5. Whom does Abby encounter after leaving the lagoon in Chapter 27? What does Abby say?

6. What happens when Abby returns to her parents’ home in Chapter 33? What does Abby try to convince her parents to do?

7. Where has Abby traveled to through the time warp in Chapter 32? Who does she encounter in this setting?

8. What setting does Abby find herself in after crossing through the time warp in the beginning of Chapter 34?

9. Who arrives to stop Abby and Kaden from pursuing their quest in Brighton in Chapter 29? How do they respond?

10. What happens just before Abby leaps into the time warp in Chapter 31?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the theme of political corruption in Glitch (Lost in Time). How does the author use symbolism and imagery to depict this theme in Chapters 17 and 18? Who in the novel represents this theme?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and analyze the characters of Kaden and Memphis in the novel. How old are Kaden and Memphis? How are the brothers similar? How do they differ?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss political structure of Brighton in the novel. Is the governing body of the city elected? When are elections held? How would you define this political system?

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