Glitch Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Heather Anastasiu
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1. When Abby first looks at her DOD watch during the ball game in Chapter 1, how many years does it say she has left to live?


2. When the Brighton eighteen-year-olds go for their Advice Meeting, they meet an older version of themselves. How old is the Complement that attends this Advice Meeting?


3. How long do the Advice Meetings last between the Brighton eighteen-year-olds and their future selves?

10 minutes.

4. What does “EA” stand for in the novel?

The Elected Agency.

5. Whose parents are described in Chapter 1 as being part of the Emancipated Society?


6. Whom does Abby describe as the least desirable among her list of approved mates in Chapter 1?

Toby Fisher.

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