Glitch Character Descriptions

Heather Anastasiu
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Abigail Sabine Masterson

This is the protagonist and narrator of Glitch. At eighteen years of age, this character is preparing for her Advice Meeting in the futuristic society called Brighton in the beginning of the novel. Through a meeting with a blue-eyed stranger, however, her future takes an unexpected turn.

Elle Robertson

This character is the protagonist’s best friend. Also eighteen years old, she has already undergone her Advice Meeting at the beginning of the novel. She later reveals to the protagonist that she was forced to undergo non-voluntary sterilization during her Meeting.

Landon Robertson

This character is the older brother of the protagonist’s best friend. He is attractive and charming in a “bad boy” way and openly flirts with the protagonist. He works for EA security.

Declan Wilderman

This character is the Vice President of Brighton. The protagonist is warned by her Complement that this...

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