Glitch Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Heather Anastasiu
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Chapters 1-4

• Glitch (Lost in Time) is a young adult paranormal romance novel by Brenda Pandos.

• Chapter 1 opens as eighteen-year-old Abby plays softball while checking the green glowing numbers on her “Date of Death” clock latched to her wrist; the numbers indicate that Abby has 65 years, 3 months, 5 days, 8 hours, and 10 minutes until she dies.

• The Date of Death clock suddenly switches to red numerals indicating 10 minutes as Abby catches a fly ball just before it hits her in the head; then, the watch returns to the previous time, minus a few months.

• Abby describes the “acclaimed Brighton ritual for all eighteen-year-olds” as being the opportunity for the teenagers to sit before their 38-year-old self and partake in “ten minutes of their knowledge.”

• Elle, Abby’s best friend, already underwent her meeting with her older self, but no one is allowed to reveal what their “Complement” or future self...

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