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Short Answer Questions

1. Why can Williamson not split the premium leads?

2. What name does Moss say is constantly coming to him in the leads what is completely useless?

3. In the beginning of the play, what type of salesman does Levene tell Williamson to put on the job?

4. Where is Levene currently living?

5. What nationality does Moss warn Aaronow never to try to sell?

Short Essay Questions

1. What competitive sales situation has Williamson created in the office?

2. What caveat does Levene try to add to his arrangement with Williamson, and how does Williamson respond?

3. How does Williamson respond to Levene's offer of money?

4. What does Roma think makes people afraid to act?

5. How does Moss initially broach the idea of robbing the office?

6. What reassurance does Roma give Aaronow about talking to the police?

7. Describe some of the extravagant claims Levene makes about his past with the company.

8. What does Levene say to Williamson when he first comes to the office?

9. What is the reality of Levene's big sale, according to Williamson?

10. How does Williamson blow Roma's big sale?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about the character of George Aaronow. How does he fit into the framework of the real estate office? What is the first impression that the audience has of this character? Does he betray anyone in the play, and does this make him a better person? Does that fact that he has not been fired or arrested by the end of the play signify a sort of ironic justice?

Essay Topic 2

Mamet's play is essentially about what is hidden in our speech. Every character in the play wants something, but he conceals his desires behind small-talk, jargon, platitudes, and vulgarity. Choose one character from the play and analyze in an essay how he conceals his objectives. What does he want? How is his personality an act to distract people from his ultimate design? Does he succeed or fail?

Essay Topic 3

Mamet's world is clearly a world of layered deception, and the web of lies created by the men that live there are perilously fragile. Write an essay about three of these deceptions. What is the objective of each? Why is a lie required to facilitate success, and how do the fragile constructs fall apart?

Part 1) Roma's Lingk sale

Part 2) Levene's big sale

Part 3) Moss's robbery

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