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Short Answer Questions

1. Why can Williamson not split the premium leads?

2. What is different about the sales game these days, according to Levene?

3. What is Graff offering in addition to money for the premium leads?

4. How does Levene characterize Williamson's attitude toward him?

5. What happens on the thirtieth besides the end of the contest?

Short Essay Questions

1. What caveat does Levene try to add to his arrangement with Williamson, and how does Williamson respond?

2. What system does Williamson use for marshaling the leads?

3. What is the status of the salesmen at the end of Act 1?

4. Why does Moss think Aaronow will have the opportunity to turn him in to the police?

5. Describe Ricky Roma.

6. Describe Moss's exit from the play.

7. Describe Dave Moss.

8. How does Levene characterize the leads he is given?

9. Describe George Aaronow.

10. What happened to the last deal Levene closed?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Scene 3 of Glengarry Glen Ross provides on of the strangest interchanges of the play. Roma's long diatribe to Lingk is equal parts preaching, commiserating, flirting, and salesmanship. Write an essay about the multi-layered ambiguity of the scene. What does each man want from the interchange? How does Roma intermingle Lingk's desire with his own objective? What does this scene say about the nature of sales?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about the setting of the play. What is Mamet saying about the world that these men inhabit? Does he believe they can ever escape it, or does the constant grinding follow them everywhere they go? What lives do they have outside of this world? Divide the essay into two parts analyzing the significance and connection between these two locations:

Part 1) The Chinese restaurant

Part 2) The office

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay on the topic of Glengarry Glen Ross as social criticism. In what way is the real estate office a microcosm for a system of capitalism gone rampant? How are the salesmen figures seen as both victims and perpetrators of this system? Cite examples from the real world - perhaps in the modern derivatives market - of people who have served the same purpose in a wildly unregulated system.

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