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Short Answer Questions

1. Who invalidated the last lead Levene closed?

2. Where is Moss sleeping this evening?

3. How much does Moss eventually promise to give Aaronow for the robbery?

4. When does Levene offer to pay Williamson the money for the leads?

5. What does Williamson say could happen to him if he gives Shelley the leads?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the setting of the second act.

2. Why can Levene not get his hands on the premium Glengarry Highland's leads?

3. What system does Williamson use for marshaling the leads?

4. Describe Dave Moss.

5. What false situation do Levene and Roma create when Lingk enters the office?

6. According to Moss, what must a man do to go out on his own?

7. How has the company gone wrong in recent years, according to Moss?

8. How does Roma claim that he deals with the uncertainties of life?

9. Why does Moss think Aaronow will have the opportunity to turn him in to the police?

10. How does Williamson respond to Levene's offer of money?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about Shelly Levene as that tragic hero of Glengarry Glen Ross. To what extent is Levene the puppet of unseen forces throughout the entire play? How does he try to rise above these forces, and how is his final demise the product of this rebellion? Divide the essay into three paragraphs, one for each of these prompts.

Essay Topic 2

Scene 3 of Glengarry Glen Ross provides on of the strangest interchanges of the play. Roma's long diatribe to Lingk is equal parts preaching, commiserating, flirting, and salesmanship. Write an essay about the multi-layered ambiguity of the scene. What does each man want from the interchange? How does Roma intermingle Lingk's desire with his own objective? What does this scene say about the nature of sales?

Essay Topic 3

Mamet's play essentially pits men against each other who are being constantly compared by forces far above them. Write an essay about this inherent comparison of talent and success:

Part 1) Levene speaks at length about his past glory. How does his fabled past compare with his present? How does his outlook on life change along with his fortunes over the course of the play?

Part 2) How does Dave Moss respond to being pitted against his fellow salesmen? How does his final argument with Roma reflect a deep insecurity regarding his own abilities.

Part 3) To what extent is Aaronow defeated by the system? Cite his interactions with Moss and Roma to determine what his chances of survival are. Is he the type of product intended by this competition?

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