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Short Answer Questions

1. How much of his commission does Levene promise Williamson in exchange for better leads?

2. What does Moss say he will have to do if Aaronow does not agree to the plan?

3. How many premium sits does Levene know Williamson has?

4. Who does Williamson claim has been consistently number 2 on the sales board?

5. What system is used to determine who gets the best leads?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Williamson blow Roma's big sale?

2. Explain the distinction between "speaking" and "talking" in this scene.

3. What is Shelley Levene's objective in having lunch with Williamson?

4. Describe George Aaronow.

5. What big news does Levene have when he enters in Act 2?

6. What reassurance does Roma give Aaronow about talking to the police?

7. Describe the initial interchange between Lingk and Roma?

8. What new information does the audience find out about the contest in this scene?

9. Describe Levene's big sale story.

10. How does the deal between Levene and Williamson fall apart?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about the setting of the play. What is Mamet saying about the world that these men inhabit? Does he believe they can ever escape it, or does the constant grinding follow them everywhere they go? What lives do they have outside of this world? Divide the essay into two parts analyzing the significance and connection between these two locations:

Part 1) The Chinese restaurant

Part 2) The office

Essay Topic 2

Scene 3 of Glengarry Glen Ross provides on of the strangest interchanges of the play. Roma's long diatribe to Lingk is equal parts preaching, commiserating, flirting, and salesmanship. Write an essay about the multi-layered ambiguity of the scene. What does each man want from the interchange? How does Roma intermingle Lingk's desire with his own objective? What does this scene say about the nature of sales?

Essay Topic 3

The past is an amorphous entity in Glengarry Glen Ross. The older men are nostalgic for it, and the younger men dismissive. Write an essay about the past in this play. What does it mean to men like Levene and Moss? Have they embellished it to make themselves feel better about the present? What about someone like Williamson? How does he regard the salesmen that come before him?

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