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Short Answer Questions

1. On what date of the month does the sales contest end?

2. What cliche does Moss use to indicate that the company has ruined the real estate environment?

3. What land group does Moss reminisce about in the beginning of Scene 2?

4. Which of the following is another office that Levene in which mentions having worked?

5. What does Moss immediately ask Aaronow after asking if he is in?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Levene's big sale story.

2. Describe Moss's exit from the play.

3. What is Shelly Levene's first offer to Williamson for the good leads?

4. Why does Moss need Aaronow to actually rob the office?

5. How does the deal between Levene and Williamson fall apart?

6. What is Roma's ideas concerning morality?

7. How do Williamson and Levene stand at the end of Act 1, Scene 1?

8. What is the status of Moss and Aaronow's discussion at the end of the scene?

9. How has the company gone wrong in recent years, according to Moss?

10. Why is Roma frantic when he enters the office in Act 2?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The idea of authority is ambiguous in Mamet's play. On the one hand, even a small amount of power affects many people in this small, claustrophobic world. On the other hand, being in a position of authority draws open ire and isolation. Write an essay on the subject of power, in two parts:

Part 1) Williamson and Baylen are arguably the most powerful characters in the play. From where does this power derive, and how does each use it? What price do these men pay for the authority they have over other men.

Part 2) The essential conduits of absolute power in the play are the unseen Mitch and Murray. Examine the nature of this power. In what ways do the salesmen alternately regard them as fathers and tyrants?

Essay Topic 2

Mamet's play essentially pits men against each other who are being constantly compared by forces far above them. Write an essay about this inherent comparison of talent and success:

Part 1) Levene speaks at length about his past glory. How does his fabled past compare with his present? How does his outlook on life change along with his fortunes over the course of the play?

Part 2) How does Dave Moss respond to being pitted against his fellow salesmen? How does his final argument with Roma reflect a deep insecurity regarding his own abilities.

Part 3) To what extent is Aaronow defeated by the system? Cite his interactions with Moss and Roma to determine what his chances of survival are. Is he the type of product intended by this competition?

Essay Topic 3

The framing device of the first act only gives us brief glimpses of the characters, and it never puts all of them in the same room. Moreover, it gives us information about the contest in small portions. How does this affect the way the view experiences the play? What speculations does it create? How is the audience prepared for the second act?

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