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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Graff promised Moss he will do?
(a) Hire any salesmen Mitch and Murray fire
(b) Share his famous list of names with him
(c) Buy the Glengarry leads
(d) Give him a management position

2. Why is Moss asking Aaronow for his help?
(a) Aaronow has a criminal record
(b) Aaronow follows orders
(c) Aaronow is trustworthy
(d) Aaronow would never rob the office

3. What does Williamson say could happen to him if he gives Shelley the leads?
(a) He could be fired
(b) He could lose face
(c) He could be arrested
(d) He could lose commissions for the company

4. Who does Williamson claim has been consistently number 2 on the sales board?
(a) Levene
(b) Moss
(c) Aaronow
(d) Roma

5. What cliche does Moss use to indicate that the company has ruined the real estate environment?
(a) Screw the pooch
(b) Kill the goose
(c) Fly too close to the sun
(d) Break the bank

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Aaronow's immediate response to Moss's idea?

2. After agreeing to Williamson's conditions, what does Levene say they will do after the sales contest?

3. What other sales position does Moss compare their job when he explains the right way to sell people?

4. What has Aaronow heard about the list of names that Jerry Graff bought?

5. How does Leven promise to affect the dollar volumes if he gets the premium leads?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Levene characterize the leads he is given?

2. How does Roma claim that he deals with the uncertainties of life?

3. Describe Shelly Levene.

4. Why does Moss need Aaronow to actually rob the office?

5. What reassurance does Roma give Aaronow about talking to the police?

6. According to Moss, what must a man do to go out on his own?

7. What betrayal does Ricky Roma pull at the end of the play?

8. How does the nature Roma and Lingk's conversation shift at the end of the scene?

9. How is Roma different from the other salesmen in the play?

10. How does Williamson blow Roma's big sale?

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