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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Roma, what will Lingk regret when he dies?
(a) Everytime he cheated
(b) All the hours he worked
(c) Nothing
(d) Things he didn't do

2. What does Roma spread on a table in front of Lingk?
(a) A cocktail napkin
(b) A pile of money
(c) A brochure
(d) A map

3. Which of the following is not something Roma lists as something he remembers from the best sex of his life?
(a) Removing the woman's dress
(b) The woman's arm on his neck
(c) A noise the woman made
(d) The woman's eyes

4. What order does Williamson frantically give the desperate Aaronow after his interrogation?
(a) Pack your desk
(b) Call your leads
(c) Take a personal day
(d) Go to lunch

5. What smell's vaguely of shit, according to Roma?
(a) Train compartments
(b) The office
(c) Downtown Chicago
(d) America

6. What information does Levene reveal he knows about Williamson after Roma goes to his interview?
(a) Williamson stole the leads for Moss
(b) Williamson has never done a sit
(c) Williamson is getting fired
(d) Williamson didn't send Roma's contract to the bank

7. What does Roma argue to Lingk is missing from the way we live our life?
(a) The present moment
(b) Hope for the future
(c) Understanding of our past
(d) A coherent plan

8. What is the second human reaction to life's uncertainty that Roma lists in Scene 3?
(a) Bring it on
(b) Fuck it
(c) Duck and cover
(d) God protect me

9. What is the cue Roma asks Levene to give him when Lingk arrives at the office?
(a) Tucson
(b) Kenilworth
(c) Aberdene
(d) St. Louis

10. To which state does Moss announce he is going before exiting the office in Act 2?
(a) New York
(b) Wisconsin
(c) Oregon
(d) Florida

11. Which character appears in more than one scene in Act 1?
(a) Williamson
(b) Roma
(c) No character appears in more than one scene
(d) Levene

12. What type of drink is Lingk drinking?
(a) Old-Fashioned
(b) GIn and Tonic
(c) Gimlet
(d) Manhattan

13. In what state is this Roma's property located?
(a) Arizona
(b) Illinois
(c) California
(d) Florida

14. What major American company does Roma tell Lingk that Levene works for?
(a) General Electric
(b) McKinsey
(c) American Express
(d) Chrystler

15. Where does Levene claim to be heading as an excuse to get Roma out of the office?
(a) Pittsburgh
(b) Austin
(c) Orlando
(d) Seattle

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Roma know the office was robbed before he enters?

2. What action does Roma request of Lingk in the last moment of Scene 3?

3. Which of the following is not a hypothetical way a person could learn about owning property that Roma lists in Scene 3?

4. According to Levene, what were the salesmen doing before they had a name for it?

5. What land is Roma trying to sell Lingk?

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