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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What consolation does Moss give Aaronow at the outset of Scene 2?
(a) He has another job lined up
(b) He has not been fired yet
(c) He is only seond on the board
(d) Today is a new day

2. Which player in the real estate world of the play is never mentioned in Scene 1?
(a) Moss
(b) Roma
(c) Mitch
(d) Aaronow

3. Where is Moss sleeping this evening?
(a) In his car
(b) The Como Inn
(c) His girlfriend's place
(d) The YMCA

4. How does Levene characterize his request for two premium leads?
(a) A mitzvah
(b) A favor
(c) A test
(d) An investment

5. What system is used to determine who gets the best leads?
(a) Seniority
(b) The sales board
(c) The previous night's sales
(d) Customer surveys

6. How much does Moss eventually reveal Graff would pay for each of the leads?
(a) 1 dollar each
(b) 75 cents each
(c) 5 dollars each
(d) 3 dollars each

7. For what purpose does Williamson say he was hired by the company?
(a) To watch the leads
(b) To assess productivity
(c) To separate the grain from the chaff
(d) To maximize profit

8. What are the two men doing at the beginning of the scene?
(a) Eating lunch
(b) Eating dinner
(c) Having coffee
(d) Having drinks

9. How much does Moss eventually promise to give Aaronow for the robbery?
(a) 5,000 dollars
(b) 1,000 dollars
(c) 2,500 dollars
(d) 3,000 dollars

10. How much of his commission does Levene promise Williamson in exchange for better leads?
(a) 50%
(b) 10%
(c) 5%
(d) 33%

11. At the very beginning of Scene 2, how does Moss characterize all the leads he is given?
(a) Motormouths
(b) Racists
(c) Deadbeats
(d) Maniacs

12. What land group does Moss reminisce about in the beginning of Scene 2?
(a) Rio Rancho Properties
(b) Homestead Developments
(c) Glengarry Highlands
(d) Glen Ross Farms

13. About what does Moss admit he lied?
(a) About how important the robbery is
(b) The number of leads in the office
(c) The amount Graff would pay
(d) About liking Aaronow

14. What name does Moss say is constantly coming to him in the leads what is completely useless?
(a) Sanchez
(b) Little
(c) Brodski
(d) Patel

15. What is the hardest part of going out on your own, according to Moss?
(a) Finding the space
(b) Starting up
(c) The first 3 years
(d) Developing a client list

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moss ambiguously suggest someone should do in the office?

2. What is Aaronow's immediate response to Moss's idea?

3. What two supposed synonyms do Aaronow and Moss parse as they discuss robbing the office?

4. When does Levene offer to pay Williamson the money for the leads?

5. What does Moss expect the police to do after the leads are stolen?

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