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Allison's Apartment - This building is located at 80th and Park Avenue in Manhattan.

Silk Building - This building is in Manhattan, and is where Lauren Hynde lives.

Queen Elizabeth 2 - This is the luxury liner on which Victor crosses the Atlantic.

Notting Hill - This is a section in London, England where Jamie is filming a movie.

Hempstead - This is the area of London where Jamie shares a house with other people.

The Triplex - This is located in Paris and paid for with Iraqi money that comes through Hungary.

Soho - This is a neighborhood in Manhattan where Victor is chased by black jeeps.

Chloe's Loft - This is a huge exquisitely decorated loft style apartment located in a trendy area of Manhattan.

The Club - This is the business that Damien is opening in Manhattan overlooking Union Square Park.

Milan - This...

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