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Part 1, Chapters 33-28, pgs. 1-34

• The reader meets Victor Ward, a famous male model. Victor is in charge of opening his friend's new bar. Victor has a very nervous personality and often uses Xanax to help him cope with stress.

• Although Victor has a supermodel girlfriend, he is also having an affair with his friend's girlfriend. Even if he wanted to break off the affair, he couldn't because the girl, Allison, threatens to tell her real boyfriend who has the power to ruin Victor's career.

Part 1, Chapters 29 - 24, pgs. 35 - 71

• Victor meets with some friends at Bowery Bar to discuss the opening of Damien's new club. It is clear that people suspect his affair with Allison, and Chloe even asks him outright if he's cheating on her, but Victor continually denies it.

• There are also rumors that Victor is planning to open his own club, which he would...

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