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Gladys Aylward
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By the end of Chapter 6, how many children had Gladys accumulated?
(a) About twenty.
(b) Eight.
(c) Ten.
(d) About fifteen.

2. When did Mrs. Lawson die?
(a) After Mrs. Lawson returned to England.
(b) Ten years after Gladys arrived.
(c) Before Gladys arrived.
(d) About a year after Gladys arrived.

3. In Chapter 5, from which government official did Gladys receive a visit?
(a) The emperor.
(b) The mandarin.
(c) The general.
(d) The king.

4. Why did Gladys want to go to China?
(a) Because millions in China had never heard of Jesus Christ.
(b) Because a Chinese missionary encouraged her to go.
(c) Because the Chinese culture fascinated her.
(d) Because her brother was going as a missionary.

5. Who traveled the province with Gladys as she inspected?
(a) Two soldiers.
(b) Mr. Lu.
(c) A guide.
(d) The mandarin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gladys saw the soldiers go where?

2. As the years passed, what two customs began ceasing in the Chinese region where Gladys traveled?

3. Who questioned Gladys' presumption to bring her civilization and religion to China?

4. How many girls did Mrs. Ching eventually bring forward to Gladys?

5. Who scolded Gladys for her recklessness?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 3, why did Gladys decide to trust the young woman in Vladivostok and follow the old man?

2. Describe Gladys' arrival in China.

3. In Chapter 3, how did Gladys manage to get on a ship for Japan?

4. Do you think Gladys was right in being nervous about the interpreter in Vladivostok?

5. Did Gladys exceed the low expectations that the mission society committee in England had for her?

6. How was Gladys able to use the inn to share her faith?

7. Describe Gladys' mission work in England, before she left for China.

8. How did reading the Bible convince Gladys to go to China?

9. How does Gladys describe one of her foot-inspecting visits to a village?

10. Was Gladys'convention ruined by the guest speaker failing to arrive?

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