Objects & Places from Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman

Gladys Aylward
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London, England

This was Gladys' first home. She worked as a parlor maid here.

Liverpool Street Station

This is where Gladys said a final good-bye to her friends and family, and boarded a train on the morning of October 15th, 1932.


This place was filthy and primitive. This was where Gladys was nearly compelled into forced labor as a machinist.


This was the remote village in which Gladys initially settled and established The Mule Inn.


This was an ancient Chinese practice. Gladys became an inspector to end the practice.

Ai-weh-deh and The Storyteller

This became Gladys' nicknames.

The Mule Inn

This was set up for passing mule shepherds in order to preach the gospel and spread the word of Jesus Christ. It was destroyed by bombing but eventually rebuilt.

The Stethoscope

This object was requested by Chu En, so that he could administer aid to the...

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