Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman Fun Activities

Gladys Aylward
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Gladys' Train Route

On a map of Europe and Asia, locate the cities that Gladys mentioned while recounting her first trip to China. Using these as a guideline, trace her possible route.

English Currency

Research English currency. How much would a pound have been worth in 1930? Nine pence? (Pence is plural for penny).

Chinese Dining

In Chapter 3, Gladys describes her meal on the steamer, eaten while sitting cross-legged. At your next meal, eat cross-legged on the floor and, if available, use chopsticks.

Chinese Nomenclature

Gladys chose for her Chinese name "Ai-weh-deh," which means "virtuous women." If you could choose a Chinese name, what would it be? If you need suggestions, look up famous Chinese people. Share with your classmates and teacher and try going by your Chinese name for a day.

Chinese Dress

In Chapter 16, Gladys writes that she was Chinese in dress. Sketch what you would imagine...

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