Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman Character Descriptions

Gladys Aylward
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Gladys Aylward

This individual had many occupations, including innkeeper, itinerant preacher, and foot inspector, and earned the nickname Ai-weh-deh.


This individual parted the Yellow River by providing a boat.


This individual went to Jerusalem despite several obstacles and was an inspiration to a missionary who lived centuries later.

Dr. and Mrs. Fisher

This individual and his wife were retired missionaries mentioned in the first chapter of the book.

Mrs. Lawson

This individual started an inn for muleteers but died less than a year later.


This baby was rescued from the human slave trade.

Mrs. Ching

This slave cared for slave children and bound the slave girls' feet.

Jonathan Wen

This soldier possessed an amazing oratorical skill and gave sermons at a Christian convention.

The Mandarin

This individual ruled Yangcheng and eventually converted to Christianity.

Mr. Lu

This individual was a devoted Christian missionary and a...

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