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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Bridget meet Eric?
(a) The senior dance.
(b) School.
(c) Soccer camp.
(d) Work.

2. Why does Lena cry in her room in Chapter 10?
(a) Kostos came to see her.
(b) Her father knows she's back in art class.
(c) She lost shifts at the restaurant.
(d) She has no way to get to art class.

3. Why do Bridget and Eric fall into the lake in Chapter 14?
(a) They are swatting a bee.
(b) The dock breaks.
(c) Their boss shoves them.
(d) They are having a diving competition.

4. Where can Carmen go to school but still stay at home?
(a) Harvard.
(b) Williams College.
(c) University of Maryland.
(d) University of Pennsylvania.

5. Why won't Tibby go in the pool in Chapter 13?
(a) She wasn't invited.
(b) She doesn't know how to swim.
(c) She doesn't want to climb the fence.
(d) She didn't bring a bathing suit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Carmen want to borrow from her mother's room in Chapter 4?

2. What does Tibby wear to the senior dance?

3. How much older than Bridget is Eric?

4. Why do Tibby's parents fire Loretta?

5. Who is confined to a wheelchair?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Brian ask Tibby in Chapter 2, and what is her response?

2. What happens when Tibby suggests to Brian that they leave the dance?

3. What happens when Lena draws her mother?

4. What happens when Lena talks with her parents about school in Chapter 10?

5. Why does Tibby fight with her mother in Chapter 4?

6. Why is Tibby conflicted about going to film school?

7. Why is Lena upset that Carmen takes a job caring for her grandmother?

8. How does Carmen discover that her mother is pregnant?

9. What does Carmen consider when she is lying in bed in Chapter 8?

10. What happens between Lena and Annik in Chapter 12?

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